Donate and Recycle


It’s spring cleaning time, and if you’re anything like me, there are a lot of items that you’d like to give away, but it’s not as simple as loading the car up for a trip to Goodwill. This is what happens to me when I go through closets, boxes in the basement, my office: “I […]

Trash into Treasure


In the category of renew, reuse, and recycle,check out this video of how the ladies from “Dykes on a Dyme” transformed a discarded couch into a patio bench. It came out fantastic! Take 5 minutes and learn How to Turn a Loveseat into a Patio Bench.¬† I love their resourcefulness and the “keepin’ it out […]

5 Days for 50 Dollars


Kayla from Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways is doing a great project this week. She’s combining thrift store finds to put together a week’s worth of outfits for just $50. Kayla says she notices that college students can get by just fine on t-shirts and jeans but that senior year comes as a shock when they […]

Produce swap: persimmons and pomegranates!


This is the haul from last Saturday’s neighborhood produce swap. I delivered two dozen freshly baked peanut butter cookies, and later that afternoon my reusable bag was returned to me with these tantalizing goodies inside. We are so lucky to have this produce swap in our area. It was organized by a young woman¬†named Hynden […]

WasteNot Saks

waste not saks

These handy-dandy little bags are a great way to cut down on plastic waste. I found out about them from Kate at An Exercise in Frugality, and I immediately ordered these four bags and have been using them ever since. They’re great for brown-bag lunches, hiking, and just throwing a snack in your purse. If […]