Angela Barton is a writer, editor, and researcher

Angela Barton is a writer, editor, and researcher.

As a writer, she wrote for the Intelligence for Your Life segment on The John Tesh Radio Show for more than 6 years. She has also written professionally for corporate and educational companies and her articles have been featured on multiple websites. Her short stories and essays have been published in Cosmonauts Avenue, ROAR Feminist magazine, The Potomac Review, The Advice Project, Sirens!, Apollo’s Lyre, Vision Magazine, and Staying Sane While You’re Quitting Smoking, among other places. She is also the author of the non-consumer blog My Year Without Spending, which she started in January 2009 and wrote daily for several years. You can find the archives here.

As an editor, Angela offers developmental and line editing as well as proofreading services and she has worked with a variety of clients on projects ranging from self-help and how-to guides to children’s books and romance novels. She brings more than 20 years of experience as an editor of feature films to her work with books. Her experience in the editing room was a long apprenticeship in narrative – including pacing, structure, story arc, character development, conflict, and resolution. Her professional experience in the film industry began after receiving an MFA in film production from UCLA, where she developed her love of writing and editing while making her own short films.

As a researcher, Angela has worked in the areas of clearances, casting, and education. Clients include ABC, CBS, Samsung, and Apple.

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