The absolutely grand Grand Canyon


This photo was taken along the South Kaibob trail in the Grand Canyon. Judging by my last three posts, you’d think I was vacationing all summer, but in actuality I took just two short vacations – one to visit my parents and this one with my husband. We had intended to go camping in a […]

Simple summer pleasures


I finally got my dad to send me some photos from the river kayaking adventure we did last month when I was visiting my parents in Idaho. This is an action shot from a spot where we stopped to swim and try out a rope swing, and the water felt great even though it was freezing. I […]

Summer vacation

ang and gracie at the lake

Last week I visited my parents in northern Idaho. This photo was taken from the pontoon boat on the way out to their cabin on a private island. It was also a chance to hang out with my brother’s dog Gracie, my favorite dog in the world. While the trip wasn’t exactly frugal (the flight cost me […]

Check out my interview for The Delicious Day

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Linda of The Delicious Day for her wonderful website. You can read her write up here. And while you’re there, you might want to browse the fascinating stories of people who’ve cured themselves of illness, radically changed their lifestyle, quit their job to travel the world, and many more. […]

I’m back (sort of)


It’s been more than a month since I decided to take a blog hiatus, but the combination of disinterest and dread I’ve felt at the idea of writing a new post is telling me that I need to either: take a longer break, stop blogging entirely, start a new blog, or change the subject. I haven’t been […]

Spring hiatus

matilija poppy 003

Our gorgeous matilija poppy is in bloom again, the temperatures have warmed up, and I’m itching to get outside and get moving. I’ve been working so much the past five months that I’ve barely had time to keep up with the blog, and a lot of other projects have fallen by the wayside. So… The […]