I’m back (sort of)

It’s been more than a month since I decided to take a blog hiatus, but the combination of disinterest and dread I’ve felt at the idea of writing a new post is telling me that I need to either: take a longer break, stop blogging entirely, start a new blog, or change the subject. I haven’t been able to come to any conclusions about what direction I will take. But the fact is that I just don’t have that much to say about non-consumerism anymore.

I think there are a lot of reasons for this. First of all, I should tell you that the photo is of me and my “Little Sister” Maricruz, and spending time with her is just one of the reasons I don’t have as much time for blogging. I spend one full weekend day with her, and since I’ve been working long hours the past several months, that is a significant portion of time. Also, I hope this doesn’t sound disrespectful to her, but she’s sort of a “project” that has to some degree replaced my enthusiasm for  the project of Buying Nothing New. We have a great rapport and I adore her, and our relationship is having a huge impact on both of our lives.

The amount of time I’m working is another factor. When I started the blog I was working more at home and less at an “away” job, and now that I’m often working 50-60 hour weeks, blogging usually isn’t what I want to do with my “me” time.

Which leads to what I DO want to do with that time, and one of the things is unquestionably writing, but I feel that I haven’t given the time I need to my fiction writing and I want to be doing more of that.

Finally, I’ve realized that non-consumerism has become second-nature to me. Every time something comes up that I need, I seem to easily find a way to borrow, trade, or buy used. Just a few recent examples include buying four used skirts on ebay after not buying any new clothing since I joined The Compact over three years ago, as well as used rollerblades for Maricruz that cost a fraction of what they would have been new and fit her perfectly. We’ve also continued to trade baked goods for produce and airport rides for chocolate, and I’m putting out the word to borrow a beach umbrella since we only need it for one day. To top it all off, I am the recipient of a mother lode of free stuff whenever people find out that I don’t buy things new. I have an amazing wardrobe for a person who hasn’t been in a department store except to buy lipstick for over 1000 days and counting. It’s simply easier than ever to be a non-consumer these days, especially with ebay, craigslist, and freecycle.

Having said all that, there are things that I want to share with you and I don’t want to give up blogging entirely. I’m just not sure how often I’ll be posting, or even what I’ll be posting about. Part of me wants to write about my experience with being a Big Sister, but I’m ambivalent about it because of feeling protective of Maricruz’s privacy. She’s not really old enough to understand what a blog is well enough to give permission.

So I will be back, and I’ll have more time in just a few weeks, but as for what I’ll write about, it’s an open question. I do know that I want to share photos of the gorgeous new potted plants we inherited when my parents moved to Idaho, do a NOVICA giveaway with a gift card they provided me, post some Thrifty Threads submissions I’ve received as well as model some of my own, and continue the conversation with the readers I’ve been so lucky to “meet.” Yay, readers!

How’s your summer going? Please share any non-consumer activities you’ve been enjoying, along with what you’d like to see on the blog in the future, in the Comments section. Don’t let those summer days slip away without making a point of lazing, hammocking, and watermeloning. Making up words is one of my favorite things about blogging. :)


  1. says

    So happy to see you posting again. I’ve missed you!

    I’m struggling with something similar lately. I have two small children and well, keeping up with blogging is not my preferred activity at the moment. I want to spend time with my kids and my husband, read, etc. But I don’t want to lose the blogging outlet entirely. I’m just trying to cut back a bit for now.

    • Angela says

      Aw, thanks Cate! I’ve missed you too! I haven’t been checking my favorite blogs either, and I was just looking at yours and I can’t believe how adorable Simone is! She is an absolute doll. I can’t wait to go back and check out some of your posts.

      Blogging/checking blogs/Internet surfing and reading news, etc. is all worthwhile stuff, but it has seriously cut back on my fiction reading, which is one of the joys of my life. So that ratio needs to change.

      Keep in touch with how you manage to cut back without stopping entirely. And thanks so much for commenting. :)

  2. Karen Yee says

    Hi Angela,

    Also glad to see you posting again. My exciting non-consumerism experiences this summer have included catching our local Salvation Army store during an all store 25% off sales and stocking up on clothes for myself, my husband, and also buying Christmas gifts for all of my daughters (5 of them), my ex-husband (yes, I still give him gifts, don’t ask), my father, and my best friend. So thrilled about it.

    Also our AC has gone out in both our house and one of our cars. Major bummer, but we decided to save money and live with it for summer and wait to replace them until we could pay cash for them. Of course we made this decision before learning that this was going to be such a hot summer, but we are surviving.

    I’m pretty proud of myself and my family for their ability to tough things out and happy to be following the idea of non-consumerism. Love how it is working for us.

    • Angela says

      Hi Karen! Thanks so much for commenting and big congrats on the awesome sale. I am also one of those people who enjoys getting gifts ahead of time, mostly so that I don’t have to worry about it during the holidays.

      You SHOULD be proud of yourself and your family, and I wish you the best of luck surviving the summer. We have not turned on the AC yet, but have not dealt with the high temps many in the rest of the country have. I hope you have a powerful fan. :)

      Take care.

  3. says

    I took a long break from my blog to take up another blog called The Styling Game. My friends and I played the game for a little over a year and then THAT became blah and now I am back to my old blog. I think it is an ebb and flow, the things we feel like sharing….

  4. says

    Hi Angela! Good to hear your voice again. I hope you continue to blog on some level. I always love your honesty and independent spirit with your path. How wonderful to devote your time to being a Big Sister!

    I’ve been having a great summer and have been blogging less myself. I have a job where I’m in front of the computer all day, so firing up the computer at night or on weekends is tough. In general, I just don’t enjoy spending that much time on the computer as I used to. I’m having more fun in the garden with my flowers and herbs in our two-family home, hitting garage sales and estate sales to furnish it, going swimming, visiting Lake George, NY, and such. All those fun lazy days of summer activities. As our society seems more plugged in everywhere, I feel like unplugging.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  5. Lilypad says

    Hi Angela,
    I’d love it if you just post whenever you feel like it, about whatever moves you. That way, I’d know that you were enjoying your life and sharing whatever parts you want to share, without it being a burden on you. I’ll be happy whenever I see your name in my inbox!
    Take care,
    your pal in Seattle,

  6. says

    Hi Angela,
    I know what you mean with the non-consumer mindset becoming second-nature. I found the same too after a few years of Non Consumer Girl.
    My focus has now changed to how I am living my life, not just the non-consumer aspect. But it was an important part of my life, and part of the journey that it took to how I live now.
    It is so wonderful that your ” Little Sister” Maricruz is now a focus in your life.
    And blog about whatever you like! I love to read your intelligent and articulate thoughts.

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