Simple summer pleasures

I finally got my dad to send me some photos from the river kayaking adventure we did last month when I was visiting my parents in Idaho. This is an action shot from a spot where we stopped to swim and try out a rope swing, and the water felt great even though it was freezing. I particularly love the shadow in this shot. We had so much fun and it was a fantastic day.

My dad and I kayaked along a gently flowing river for about 3 hours, stopping twice for a dip. We saw several birds including ducks, geese, a great blue heron, an osprey, and even a bald eagle! We also spied a deer peering at us from behind some tall grass.

It was a perfect summer day outdoors and I feel so lucky to have shared it with my father. They live in northern Idaho and I don’t get to see my parents very often, so when I visit I have the feeling that I need to make it count. I was happy that my dad had gone to the trouble to buy a rack for the car to carry the kayaks, and I know he had a good time because he was telling friends about it afterward and showing them pictures. I think he got a particular kick out of the fact that I was game for jumping off the rope swing. I tried it three times before I finally got the hang of it, and I never did avoid getting water up my nose, but it was exhilarating!

In southern California, summer doesn’t really end until at least October. And so we’re trying to get in plenty of non-consumer summer fun before what passes for fall becomes a reality sometime around Halloween. We’re playing ping pong, enjoying free outdoor concerts, BBQ and long walks after dark, stone fruit and berries, friends’ swimming pools, refreshing summer cocktails, and ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

I hope you enjoyed plenty of simple summer pleasures this year, and if you live in a warm climate are partaking of them as long as you can.

What did you do this summer? Please share in the Comments section.

Here’s another shot of our marvelous day. What a gorgeous spot we found…


  1. Barb Dawson says

    LOVE the pictures! THANKS 4 pointing out the shadow on the water of the rope swing! What WONDERFUL memories you have made w/ your Dad! They’re priceless!

    • Angela says

      Hi Barb, Thanks – yes, I was so happy to get a few of my dad as well since it was hard to see between the glare of the sun and not wearing my reading glasses. We did have such a wonderful time.

      thanks for commenting.

  2. says

    What a super trip you had! Fun doesn’t have to cost a ton. Mr K the dog and I just had a little run in the yard on this gorgeous early fall day. Getting OUTSIDE is so theraputic and doesn’t cost a dime. We have a big wide lovely world to play in everyday. GET OUT MORE!

    • Angela says

      Tammy, I absolutely agree that fun doesn’t have to cost a ton. And getting outside nearly always makes me feel better.

      thanks as always for your comment.

  3. Marie-Josée says

    I too absolutely love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. It’s great that you got to spend some time with your dad.

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