Reduce, Recycle, Reuse: Clothing

That’s the title of a terrific post written by longtime reader Catherine, who blogs at American Dream Finder after retiring her first blog called The Vegan Good Life. I find both blogs to be great food for thought on my nonconsumer journey. I think anyone who reads my blog, especially fans of Thrifty Threads, will […]

Good news about plastic

Update: The current ban applies only to unincorporated areas of Los Angeles, which includes approximately ten percent of L.A. But the movement is spreading and I feel confident that plastic bags will be a thing of the past in California within the next few years. I love L.A. At least sometimes. Like when they become the […]

I can recycle THAT?

Did you know you could recycle your beat-up surfboard? What about chewed-up, ground-down crayons? Those old keys that you usually toss into the trash, or push to the back of the junk drawer? I recently came across a great article called 10 Things You Never Knew Were Recyclable on the excellent site Earth 911. You’ve […]

Fabulous compact-y home renovations

bathroom tile 1

I’m so excited to share these incredible photos a reader from Ontario, Canada sent to me. Monique explains her remarkable bathroom project so well, I’ll quote from her email: “I received my thrifty threads email today, and that made me think of my thrifty shower/bath project. I have been following your blog for quite a […]

Donate and Recycle


It’s spring cleaning time, and if you’re anything like me, there are a lot of items that you’d like to give away, but it’s not as simple as loading the car up for a trip to Goodwill. This is what happens to me when I go through closets, boxes in the basement, my office: “I […]

Trash into Treasure


In the category of renew, reuse, and recycle,check out this video of how the ladies from “Dykes on a Dyme” transformed a discarded couch into a patio bench. It came out fantastic! Take 5 minutes and learn How to Turn a Loveseat into a Patio Bench.  I love their resourcefulness and the “keepin’ it out […]