Last minute non-consumer holiday gift ideas

Jean-Marie Xmas tree

This is my neighbor’s gorgeous holiday tree from a few years ago. This year he is doing a huge traditional tree with antique French ornaments and real candles. I wish I wasn’t working so much lately, because I really wanted to rerun all my holiday posts from previous years. But since it’s so late in the […]

This is how nonconsumers shop


“Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving, and my advice is to do anything else rather than go shopping. Since I’m not a fan of crowds or the possibility of being trampled, I stopped shopping on that day years before I joined The Compact. I know there are deals to be had, but are they […]

Recent Estate Sale Finds


A couple of weeks ago I was driving through the neighborhood fairly early in the morning and noticed a line up of people outside a residence. That seemed unusual, and then I noticed an “Estate Sale” sign. Since I’d never been to one, I was curious and pulled over to check it out. Despite being […]

Thrifty Threads-ish


A reader named Elaine sent me these photos of the beautiful curtains she found at a consignment store. Elaine described them as “Thrifty Threads for her windows.” I thought that was very clever, and that the drapes were beautiful, so I told her that even though I was very strict about Thrifty Threads being about […]

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse: Clothing

That’s the title of a terrific post written by longtime reader Catherine, who blogs at American Dream Finder after retiring her first blog called The Vegan Good Life. I find both blogs to be great food for thought on my nonconsumer journey. I think anyone who reads my blog, especially fans of Thrifty Threads, will […]