5 Days for 50 Dollars


Kayla from Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways is doing a great project this week. She’s combining thrift store finds to put together a week’s worth of outfits for just $50. Kayla says she notices that college students can get by just fine on t-shirts and jeans but that senior year comes as a shock when they […]

Let’s talk about…shower curtains

Update: Once again, readers of this blog have responded with some brilliant ideas. Thank you all so much, and readers, I encourage you to check the Comments section. I am more concerned about using and tossing plastic than I am about spending twenty bucks on a new shower curtain. I’ve gotten some great ideas here […]

WasteNot Saks

waste not saks

These handy-dandy little bags are a great way to cut down on plastic waste. I found out about them from Kate at An Exercise in Frugality, and I immediately ordered these four bags and have been using them ever since. They’re great for brown-bag lunches, hiking, and just throwing a snack in your purse. If […]

Tale of Two Water Bottles

I finally broke down and bought a brand-new Klean Kanteen water bottle, replacing the giveaway bottle I’d been putting up with for far too long. I know some Compacters are so cool they manage to find stuff like pristine-with-the-tags-still-on Sigg water bottles at Goodwill for like 2 cents, but I am not that cool. And […]

Goodbye to lim(b)

My friend Danielle, creator of the excellent blog Less is More Balanced, is hanging up her blogging hat to focus on other writing projects, but the blog link will remain active indefinitely. I’m leaving it up on my sidebar because it’s one of my favorite resources for organic and green issues, projects, and inspiration. So […]