Even the Amish…

… have been living beyond their means. The Amish traditionally travel by horse-drawn buggy, wear homemade clothing, and use very little electricity. But in the past few years, some of them have ditched their off-the-grid existence. And after being lured in by the wages and goods of the conventional economy, they’re experiencing the same financial […]


I bought something new. I’m a member of a Book Club. A really awesome Book Club. I like everyone in it, and I’m honored to be a member. I LOVE my Book Club. For the past two or three years, I’ve been getting the Book Club book from the library. They weren’t always that great, […]

Free ice cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? I’ve never met such a person. FREE STUFF ALERT: Tomorrow, April 15th, get your free scoop of ice cream at Maggie Moo’s ice cream and treatery. I don’t know that brand, but you can click here to find a location near you. It’s a Tax Day promotion, I suppose as […]

Jeans made in heaven?

Anyone who read my previous post about my panicked jean shopping spree on December 31st (Last Day to Shop), the day before I joined The Compact, will understand why I was irritated when I read today’s Daily Candy. With the title “Heavenly Creatures,” we learn that Made in Heaven jeans have arrived in the U.S. […]