The Trader Joe’s problem

I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s for a long time, maybe almost 20 years, and I love it. I especially appreciate their great deals on wine, cheese, and nuts. I like their prices and the way we can fix semi healthy food that’s quick to prepare. But some time ago I started to get annoyed […]

First Fall Off the Wagon ’10

This little lamb jacket from speesees, one of my favorite children’s clothing companies, was impossible to resist. A good friend of ours is having a little girl after wanting a baby for a very long time, so my husband and I really wanted to give her and her husband a nice shower gift. And this […]

The Great American Apparel Diet

It seems that giving up shopping is all the rage. A group of 39 women has vowed to go without buying clothing for a year, and they’re blogging about it at The Great American Apparel Diet. I first heard about their experiment on this post from Planet Green/Discovery. It sounds just like The Compact for […]

Is there anything I’m dying to buy new in January?

Yesterday I explained that I would continue with the Compact and blogging about it into 2010, with some caveats. Today I’ll answer this question from a reader: “Is there anything you plan on purchasing new in January? Something you’ve realized that you can’t find used, or just really have been wanting to splurge on?”Much to […]

Last minute non-consumer holiday gift ideas

If you’ve been trying to avoid the commercialism of the mall, but still find yourself with an unfinished gift list that you need to fill, I have a few last-minute ideas for you. Whether you’re a procrastinator extraordinaire, have people on your list who seem to already have everything, or have just been unusually busy, […]