A friend of mine told me about a great project they’re doing this year at her workplace. She works at a big company and has several coworkers to buy gifts for every year. It’s very stressful and time-consuming to figure out the best gifts for everyone and then run around after work shopping in crowded […]

Sleep In on Black Friday

Take part in “The Great American Sleep-In” at Global Giving. On the day after Thanksgiving, ditch the mall and snuggle up to this earth-changing idea for gift giving. Here’s how it works: Sleep in, spend time with your loved ones at home, and avoid the crowded stores and long lines. Stay in your pajamas and […]

Organic Milk

I should probably have a segment on this blog called “Ask my readers” because every time I ask, I get such great advice from you all! Lately I’ve been thinking about organic milk. We buy roughly 1/2 gallon a week for the two of us, and I pay $3.29 for the Trader Joe’s brand. I’m […]

Thrifty Threads 2

Sadly, I still haven’t received any photos for a new Thrifty Threads post, so until you (yes, you!) start sending in your fabulous finds, this post is an encore edition of an early installment… Welcome to the second installment of “Thrifty Threads” AKA “Most Stylish Compact-y Outfit,” where readers model their favorite secondhand clothes. A […]

Restaurant Coupons: 90% OFF

If you haven’t come across this deal yet, is offering 90% OFF through tomorrow, Sunday September 13th. I’m usually wary of coupons, sometimes they’re not worth the trouble, there are too many restrictions, or they get forgotten in a drawer or the bottom of my purse. But you buy these coupons for specific restaurants […]