I Broke the Compact

My adorable niece turned eight last week, and one of the gifts we sent her was BRAND NEW CLOTHES! Definitely not Compact-approved, so I’m coming clean here. Do I regret it? No way. She’s wearing one of the tops in this photo, she liked it and wanted to wear it on her birthday while she […]

The "Ah-Ha" Moment

I’ve officially been a member of The Compact for a little over a year now, since January 1st 2009. Without a doubt, my two biggest influences during that time were reading The Non-Consumer Advocate daily, and viewing The Story of Stuff. Katy Wolk-Stanley writes the daily blog The Non-Consumer Advocate, which was a lifesaver for […]

Reflections on My Compact Year

I wanted this post to be dated January 1st, but we turned out to have a more social New Year’s than usual, filled with friends both old and new and even relatives I haven’t seen for years, so there was no time for my usual reflections on the past year and goals for the year […]

Is there anything I’m dying to buy new in January?

Yesterday I explained that I would continue with the Compact and blogging about it into 2010, with some caveats. Today I’ll answer this question from a reader: “Is there anything you plan on purchasing new in January? Something you’ve realized that you can’t find used, or just really have been wanting to splurge on?”Much to […]