Are you happier?

I read this article from Time magazine a couple of weeks ago called “The Happiness Paradox: Why Are Americans So Cheery?” Are we cheery? Is it possible that there really is a silver lining in this recession? The author suggests that maybe the silver lining is in the downsizing, especially the downsizing of expectations. People […]

Is Grandma Greener Than You?

I read an interesting article in USA Today last week called “Grandma’s greener than you.” The gist of it was that even when you think you’re being environmentally friendly and living a “green” lifestyle, your grandparents have you beat hands down. The Great Depression taught them all about using up, making do, and going without […]

No Impact Week

Inspired by Colin Beavan, A.K.A. No Impact Man, the Huffington Post has declared this “No Impact Week.” I was just checking out the website, and it’s all about the stuff we’re talking about on this blog and other non-consumer blogs: how to reduce your carbon footprint by not buying stuff, eating less meat, wasting less, […]

Even the Amish…

… have been living beyond their means. The Amish traditionally travel by horse-drawn buggy, wear homemade clothing, and use very little electricity. But in the past few years, some of them have ditched their off-the-grid existence. And after being lured in by the wages and goods of the conventional economy, they’re experiencing the same financial […]

Why are you frugal, or semi-frugal, or resourceful?

After I wrote yesterday’s post “What do you splurge on?” it occurred to me that maybe I should have started with the question “Why are you frugal?” Because there’s no point in being frugal for the sake of being frugal. There needs to be a reason, which ranges from sheer necessity (for example, you live […]