Thrifty Threads-ish

A reader named Elaine sent me these photos of the beautiful curtains she found at a consignment store. Elaine described them as “Thrifty Threads for her windows.”

I thought that was very clever, and that the drapes were beautiful, so I told her that even though I was very strict about Thrifty Threads being about clothing, I would do a post about her scores on another day of the week.

Elaine says that she used to only visit thrift stores occasionally, and would hardly ever buy anything. But now, after reading this blog and a few others dedicated to being thrifty, her first stop whenever she needs something is a thrift store or consignment shop.

So here’s what happened recently when she needed drapes: “My favorite consignment shop carried housewares, so I headed over there.  I originally wanted drapes in the red color family, but I found a great deal on gold brocade Springmaid drapes, which are also lined.  $4.95 for a pair of 24 inch wide, 80 inch long drapes.  The consignment shop was having a going out of business sale, and they were 65% off their usual price.  I got a pair for a naked window (the last one in my house).  I hung them up and I loved them!  I also needed drapes for the sidelights at the front door, so I went back and got a second pair.  They looked great and will keep out the hot sun during the summer.  Being winter, there was  slight draft around the door, so I went back and got a third pair. There was also a bin with pillows, and I found a really cute one for 70 cents.  That second pair over the door helped cut down on the drafts this winter.  I’m so glad I got them.”

Good for you, Elaine! Both the drapes and the pillow are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your thrifty scores with us. I don’t know if I would have thought of trying a thrift store for home furnishings. I tend to visit just two different places that only have clothes, and our Goodwill doesn’t have a great selection of non-clothing items.

Readers, do you have any “Thrifty Threads-ish” deals you’d like to tell us about? Please share in the Comments section. Or send a photo to and I’ll post it to share with everyone. If I start getting enough submissions, maybe Thrifty Threads-ish will become a regular segment (in addition to Thrifty Threads, of course!)


  1. Terry says

    Hi Angela,
    Elaine made a great score, they look great.
    I think you should do an ish.

    The shops around here carry all sorts of things.
    For the most part everything I have is thrifted….sofa, dining set, bed frame, dressers, dishes…..
    My parents were big thrifters, antique stuff mostly so second hand seems natural to me.

    Maybe if more of us shopped second hand that shop wouldn’t be going out of business!

    • Angela says

      Hi Terry, I think I’ve picked it up partly from my parents too, and they definitely called it “antiques” not “thrifting.” funny.

      I like the idea of keeping secondhand shops in business. We had one in our neighborhood that I loved, but it didn’t survive the recession.

      I think I will do an occasional “Thrifty Threads-ish” if I get more photos.

      Thanks for commenting!

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