Produce swap: persimmons and pomegranates!


This is the haul from last Saturday’s neighborhood produce swap. I delivered two dozen freshly baked peanut butter cookies, and later that afternoon my reusable bag was returned to me with these tantalizing goodies inside. We are so lucky to have this produce swap in our area. It was organized by a young woman named Hynden […]

Delicious and Nutritious Free Food

produce swap 9.04 001

This is what I got from our neighborhood produce swap last week. My contribution was a freshly baked batch of peanut butter cookies, and I was thrilled with what I received in return. A woman in my neighborhood had this great idea for the swap and she turned it into a reality. Once a month […]

Food Waste Friday plus Free Museums

Who doesn’t like French toast? My husband, apparently. I made this last Sunday, from some less-than-fresh sourdough bread. I ate more than this myself, and then told my husband he could eat the rest whenever he wanted, since he wasn’t ready for breakfast yet. Yesterday I found it, still uneaten, but apparently with one bite […]

Food Waste Friday plus Free Stuff

We had an ALMOST zero waste week, but when I pulled out the last tortilla in the package and saw there was a bit of mold on it, it wasn’t worth eating. Especially since I’d already bought another package. I didn’t have time to take a photo while I was making dinner. It’s funny, no […]

Food Waste Friday plus Free Stuff

This post is very late, and it’s also going to be very short. That’s our waste for the week: snap peas, mixed greens, and a mystery herb. It might be tarragon, I’m not sure. I used it a couple of times and then it went yellow. The bagged greens I bought in a moment of […]

Food Waste Friday plus Free Museums

This post is going to be short and sweet, because… we’ve got no food waste this week! Yay. One thing that has helped is buying less when I shop for groceries. The past two weeks I’ve crossed a couple of things off the list that could wait. This is especially true for packaged items, which […]