Food Waste Friday and a Freebie

No picture, almost no waste. I say almost because there were a couple of tangerines that started to go bad, but I peeled them and was able to eat part of them. The rest will go in the compost bin, so there’s no landfill trash this week. Why do I care about wasting food? Because […]

Friday Food Waste plus Free Music!

Too much food waste this week for my liking! Since the key to wasting less is to keep track of things, it’s a lot easier when I’m home. When I’m out of town or working away from home, we have more waste. This week involved both factors. The soy milk was a couple of weeks […]

Food Waste Friday plus a Freebie

It’s Friday, and we’ve got no food waste this week! So if you came here looking for a photograph of rotting food, check out The Frugal Girl, where other bloggers join Kristen in keeping track of their waste, and you’re sure to find a photo or two. Why are we all taking these silly photos? […]

Food Waste Friday plus Friday Freebies

No food waste this week. I made sure we used up the vegetables from our CSA, so we ate plenty of sauteed greens and I even put some not-so-fresh broccoli and chopped up bok choy in a fritatta and it was delicious. Frittatas are my new favorite kitchen sink meal. I also gave away the […]