Recycled Garden Projects

My friend Betsy Talbot of Married With Luggage turned me on to this awesome Facebook page called Recycled, UpCycled, Freecycled Garden Projects, and I can’t get enough of it! How cool is this recycled trampoline tepee/hammock/meditation area? I love it! It solves so many problems and meets so many goals at once: creating a Zen garden space, staying out of the sun, eschewing traditional decorating/landscaping, and saving the trampoline from the landfill.

Our backyard has been slowly but surely transforming into a decent place to hang out and play ping pong, with the addition of several cast-off and hand-me-down furniture items, plus a lot of elbow grease from my husband in the painting arena, and some planting of bamboo and other bushes by yours truly. But it’s still nowhere near as cool as the transformation of this backyard from this one addition.

I think all you Compacters, non-consumers, recyclers, green enthusiasts, and DIY-ers will love this site as much as I do. There are cabins made out of discarded canoes,  a chicken coop created from a kid’s playhouse, furniture built of wood pallets, and a hand-crafted hobbit house! I’m only scratching the surface, check it out yourself!

Do you have any recycled/upcycled/freecycled garden projects planned or completed? Now’s the season to get out there and get creative! Please tell us about it in the Comments section. Photos are welcome as well!

This one I’m not so sure about. On first glance, it looks amazing. But then I start thinking: you have to build a fire first? And how did they get in there without either stepping in the fire or losing half the water? And how are they going to get out without heaving themselves over the side? What do you think?


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    I think that the “ladder” is between the posts on the left side of the photo. But I’m guessing it’s not an “easy in ~ easy out” hot tub. 😀

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    Karin says:
    April 14, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    The first thought that came to my mind was “cannibals” and “missionaries” . . .

    Lol… my same thoughts on this, what an imagination if you think about it~ ouch…a bit hot I am sure : )

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