Thrifty Threads

Welcome to the 1st installment of “Thrifty Threads” AKA “Most Stylish Compact-y Outfit,” which features a reader modeling some of her favorite thrift store finds.

A “Compact-y” outfit is used or recycled, so basically something you got at the Goodwill, a thrift store, or a consignment shop.

The Non Consumer Girl is modeling her recent score of a fully lined silk dress from Jigsaw, her favorite label. It’s gorgeous. She bought it at the Goodwill for $20. Before she joined The Compact, she paid over $300 for other similar Jigsaw styles. Incidentally, the photographer is her 5-year-old daughter…

Check out her blog to read about her conversion to a non-consumer lifestyle, and her decluttering challenges. I’m joining her in her goal of making $5000 this year by turning clutter into cash. So far, she’s made $1535. I’ve made a little less than that: nada. But I’ll get there, I’ve got time… Baby steps. That’s my mantra these days.

Thanks Non Consumer Girl for sharing your fabulous find with us- you look amazing. Readers- I know she’s a tough act to follow, but I want to do this as a regular feature, so put on YOUR best thrift store scores, take a photo, and send it to me. You can find my email address on my profile page.
And please don’t be shy- we all want to see REAL women with REAL bodies modeling their version of fabulous. That could mean funky, elegant, creative, or anything you want it to mean. I can’t wait to see all your fabulous finds!

Can you believe she found that dress at the Goodwill? What’s your favorite thrift store score? Please tell us about it in the Comments section.


  1. Ellen says

    I just sent a link to this post to a friend who brags all the time about her goodwill finds! Hope she submits some photos to you….and becomes a reader.

  2. Kristen@thefrugalgirl says

    Oh sweet! I’m so in on this. I bought a dress at Goodwill last week, and if it’s warm enough, I’ll wear it on Sunday(and I’ll get my son to take a picture. lol)

  3. FOO says

    I’m also in! Last year I bought a tweed blazer at our local consignment shop for $12 by a label – Zara – I didn’t know. I love it and wear it all the time – in fact I was in NYC last weekend and I was wearing the jacket when I walked past *the* shop – I couldn’t believe it! I went in and judging by the other items I think the jacket would have fetched well over $100 retail. I’ll try to get a picture in it sometime soon and send it along. Great idea for a series!

    And thanks so much for continuing to visit my blog. :)

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