Exceptions, or "You Can’t Buy ANYTHING?"

Of course there are exceptions to the rule of not buying anything new: most significantly food, underwear, and hygiene products. So you can still buy groceries, go out to restaurants, and buy lotions and toothpaste. I’m going to put bras in the category of underwear, but I’m already wondering about things like athletic shoes. Whether you call them sneakers, tennis shoes, walking shoes, or running shoes, you can’t very well buy them used. And I often need new ones more than once a year. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. And I’ll find out more about the exceptions to the rule when I actually join the group on January 1st.

It’s Boxing Day, and I’d say we had a fairly modest Christmas in terms of spending and gifts. My husband bought me a fabulous All-Clad pan, the nicest kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned, and I plan on cooking lots of yummy vegetables in it. We also exchanged and received plenty of books, music, and chocolate, all of which we love. We gave our friends and family mostly books and music, along with a gift certificate to my favorite new charity Global Giving. Check it out, it’s fabulous. For just ten dollars, you can provide a family in Mali with a malaria net, buy books for a schoolgirl in Afghanistan, or choose from hundreds of other grassroots projects.

Next year I won’t be able to buy any gifts so I’ll have to be very creative. I doubt if I’m ever going to be as crafty as I was when I was ten, so I figure I’ll make mix CDs, order used books, and dig up some old photos to frame. I’ll probably also be baking more than ever, which I love.

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