Knitting freak

After just one short session at the knitting shop, where I took my “Little Sister” last weekend as her birthday gift, I am well on my way to being a knitting freak. And I mean freak, as in a manic and maniacally charged up OCD person who gets something in her head and can’t let […]

High winds and humility

Last Wednesday night, our area of Los Angeles experienced 100-mile-per-hour windstorms that left 300,000 people without power, area schools and businesses closed, and a lot of cleanup from falling trees and other debris in the road. I’d never experienced anything like it in all my years in Southern California. I was humbled by Mother Nature. We […]

Experiential Gifts for the Holidays

The following is a reprint of a previously published post, about my favorite type of non-consumer gift, experiential gifts. This is the first segment of a series I wrote two years ago about non-consumer holiday gift giving. “Experiential” gifts are my absolute favorite, both to give and to receive. I’ve been a proponent of gifts […]

Update to “What is YOUR Dream?”


Since I have no way of knowing who purchases the Dream Save Do guide, I would love to hear from you in the Comments section. Please share your dream – just writing it out will be a step toward realizing it. In the month since I read it, I am moving forward on so many […]

Flashback to Food Waste Friday

Some of you may remember that I wrote Food Waste Friday posts for almost two years, taking photos of the food that went bad that week and sharing about the process on The Frugal Girl, where she started the habit of taking a photo in an effort to be accountable and waste less. Wasting food is not […]

Nonconsumer gift ideas, please

Hello readers, I know I can rely on your creative and resourceful skills to give me some ideas because this time I’m stumped! We’re invited to a friend’s 16-year-old son’s birthday party this Saturday, and I simply cannot think of what to bring as a gift. Let me elaborate… this boy spends 90% of his […]