Results of June challenge #2: Walk every day

Okay, it’s time to walk the walk. I was amused when I reread this morning’s post about how I did (not so great) with the June Food Stamp Challenge, and saw that I said I would write about my other June challenge, to “talk a walk every single day” in a later post. I didn’t […]

June challenge update

It’s Day Nine of the challenge I set for myself for June: to take a walk every day. Click here if you didn’t read that post. I have managed to take a walk every day so far, even when I had to do it instead of the gym, or in addition to yoga. I love […]

Will the junk mail ever stop?

It’s time to check in with my very first baby steps challenge: stop those catalogs and junk mail once and for all. This photo represents all the junk mail we received during the past month, a year after I originally took on the challenge. It’s significantly less than we used to get, but I still […]

June Challenges: walking and saving

I’ve set myself a 30-day challenge this month of taking a walk every day. That’s it. Simple. I don’t think it will be that difficult because I already walk about four or five times a week, but I’m curious how I’ll feel if I walk every single day. There are no rules except that “walking” […]