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On this special edition of Thrifty Threads, longtime reader Hilda and her husband Larry model their secondhand selections for an Ugly Sweater party.

These gatherings are apparently all the rage, so if you’ve been invited to one this holiday season, Larry’s first prize entry should be an inspiration.

Hilda and Larry, as well as their grandson Mitchell, have all been Thrifty Threads models in the past. This time they’ve gone all out with the ugly sweaters Hilda found for them at the thrift store. Full disclosure: she found the sweaters there, but actually hot-glued the Santa on Larry’s.

Here’s a photo of some of the people at the party, and they all bought their sweaters at thrift stores. The Nutcracker sweater came in 2nd place, and the royal blue was 3rd.

So if you can’t find something fabulous at your thrift store, you might find an ugly sweater! Thanks Hilda, for sending in the photo!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Carla says

    I think an Ugly Sweater Party wouldn’t be understood around here, for the simple reason that lots of people wear these sweaters every single holiday season. { :-O

  2. Hilda says

    I kind of like my ugly sweater and have worn it plenty since the day after Thanksgiving. It’s all good and fun. I know the feeling Carla and Jackie, not being quite sure if I should tell them that their sweater was ugly or not. LOL Next year we will try harder and start earlier finding that, oh so, ugly sweater. While shopping at the thrift store, I did find 2 other Christmas sweaters that weren’t ugly and I ended up buying those too. The price was right. I’m wearing my favorite one tonight to a Christmas party at our church and I hope no one tells me it’s ugly. LOL

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