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Welcome to Thrifty Threads, AKA Most Stylish Compact-y outfit, where readers model their favorite secondhand clothes.

A compact-y outfit is used or recycled, from Goodwill, a thrift store, a consignment shop, a yard sale, ebay, Craigslist, freecycle, or anywhere else you find secondhand clothing.

Today’s model is Annabelle, who shares her adventures in thrift shopping on her blog The Year of Shopping Detox. Annabelle documents her year-long challenge to become a smarter shopper with creativity and humor, plus she’s a librarian. I love librarians. I think Annabelle and I would get along great in person. You’ve got to check out her blog, I’m hooked!

Annabelle put together this fabulous outfit from a potpourri of sources…

1) The gorgeous dress came from a consignment store, and it cost $24. That’s a great deal, since it still had the tags on and had never been worn.

2) The earrings are from a yard sale, where she bought them along with a bracelet and sunglasses for just $5 total.

3) The bag is a hand-me-down from Annabelle’s thrifty father, who originally bought it at a yard sale.

4) And the shoes were from a clothing swap, so they were free! They are so cute, and Annabelle says they’re super comfy.

You can read all about Annabelle’s first thrift shop outing when she found the dress here.

Thanks Annabelle, for sharing those excellent photos! You’re an inspiration to future thrift store shoppers everywhere!

Okay readers, it’s your turn! Put on your favorite secondhand outfit, snap a photo, and send it to me at Don’t be shy. We all want to see your Thrifty Threads! Since I started organizing clothing swaps, joined the Compact, and began shopping at consignment stores, I haven’t purchased a single item of new clothing in almost three years, outside of bras, underwear, socks, and shoes. It’s easy to get hooked on secondhand when you see what’s available out there.

Please leave your best thrift store shopping tips, plus compliments for Annabelle, in the Comments section. And click here to check out all previous installments of Thrifty Threads.


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