Thanks for the Feedback

Hello readers! I’ve been overwhelmed by the supportive emails and comments and overall great response I’ve received to my request for feedback about the blog.

After going through all of them, there won’t be any major changes, but the one comment I received most often was a request for more day-to-day posts, a glimpse into my life, and my “thoughts about, struggles, victories and compromises with the non-consumer lifestyle,” as one loyal reader put it. Or as another said,” …the daily ins and outs of how you cope with living in such a buy new, gimme more, more, more society.”

Many of you placed an emphasis on the fact that I attempt to practice¬†this lifestyle¬†while living in Los Angeles, that mecca of consumerism. Which I can’t deny. But believe it or not, not everyone in L.A. dreams of winning a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Some of us don’t even like to shop.

This comment was typical of the predominant sentiment: “What drew me to your blog originally was the ‘use less stuff’ lifestyle, which in turn is kind to the earth, your budget, and your health.” For me, that articulately describes what first drew me to the Compact, and what I most love to write about on the blog. So it’s a win/win situation, because what I most love to talk about is what most of you want to read!

So I will not worry excessively about whether I have a good photograph to illustrate something I want to talk about, I’ll just write when I’m inspired and it will tend to be once or twice a week.

As far as the regular features, with the exception of a few people, most of you enjoy Thrifty Threads and I am planning on continuing with it as long as I keep getting photographs. I would like to receive more photos of children and husbands, and I’ll probably run pictures of myself a little more often.

There’s not much interest in CSA posts or Food Waste Friday posts, and plenty of other bloggers do those. But I am going to highlight Food Waste Friday occasionally because it helped me so much to waste less food, which is good for the planet as well as your wallet.

And enough people asked to bring back Meatless Mondays that I will do one occasionally, probably about once a month. I do think it’s fun to share meatless recipes, because after all the whole trick to changing your diet is to have tasty and healthy alternatives. We eat meatless several times a week, and it’s not a sacrifice because it’s the way we like to eat.

Thanks again for all your feedback, and for your support over these years. I certainly never envisioned writing the blog for this long, but along with doing the Compact, it’s become an integral part of my life that I don’t foresee giving up. But that never would have been the case without such smart, generous, and insightful readers, who constantly encourage and inspire me. It’s a conversation I want to continue having, and I hope you’ll all join me.

So stay tuned… for frugal vacation tips, free summer fun, some yard sale finds, decluttering progress, and a confession (something I caved and bought new).

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