CSA Delivery: Can you say tomatoes?

What a sight for sore eyes for my tomato-starved, tomato-loving husband, who just yesterday wrote “tomatoes!!!” on our shopping list.

The abundance of fruit is incredible. Summer has arrived!

This delivery makes me very happy. Here’s what we got, roughly clockwise from the back: red lettuce, elephant garlic, rainbow swiss chard, yellow beans, Tuscany melon, strawberries, summer squash, ronde nice squash, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, rich lady yellow peaches, sweet fire apricots, yellow donut peaches, majestic pearl white nectarines, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, and burgundy spring onions. There was also the customary treat, this time two bars of delicious-looking chocolate-dipped shortbread. I’m trying to save that for dessert.

The way our delivery service, Auntie Em’s, works is like this: the owner has developed relationships with the local farmers at the farmer’s markets in the area from years of running a restaurant. Every weekend she visits five different markets and picks out the best of the best from what they’ve got to offer. I’m thrilled with our CSA, but they’re all set up a little different, so if you want to find out about one near you, check out Local Harvest to get the details.

Tonight we’ll enjoy the heavenly Heirloom Tomato Tart in Parmesan Crust with a simple green salad. My husband will be satisfying his tomato cravings for the next few days. And as for me, I’ll spend a good part of the week with peach juice dripping down my chin.

Happy Monday! Do you shop at Farmer’s Markets? Do you have CSA in your area? Please leave your tips and ideas for shopping and recipes for anything you see in the photo in the Comments.


  1. susan says

    i can say beautiful…and delicious looking

    what is the green thing by the yellow squash…is it a squash of some sort…

    yum…i just picked my first garden tomatoe today…summer in a bite…

  2. Alea says

    I just picked my first tomatoes this morning. We are all quite excited to be eating organic, vine-ripened tomatoes again!

  3. Kate Sommers says

    Oh I'm lusting after those peaches and apricots!!
    We've been getting some wonderful mangoes and papayas and my very favorite lychee is in season.
    I still love and miss all the California summer fruits though!
    Looks like you have the makings for some good salsa there!

  4. Maggie says

    I would love to have a CSA like yours as you get a lot of variety and way more fruit than we do & a treat! Who doesn't love treats (just ask my dog.)!? Your blog has inspired my boyfriend and I to join a local CSA this year. So far, we've gotten grey zucchini (it's green and ribbed), red cabbage, french breakfast radishes, leaf lettuce, broccoli, sugar snap peas, & cucumber. We'll also be getting many other veggies and some watermelon and cantaloupes. We're in Ohio, so our CSA has a nice touch at the end of harvest with a ride out to the pumpkin and gourd patch to pick our own pumpkins and gourds, indian corn and cornstalks for decorating ending with spiced cider at the farm. We are really looking forward to that. :) We took your suggestion and found our CSA through localharvest.org. Thanks!!

  5. Angela says

    Susan- I think it is a ronde nice squash- they taste similar to zucchini or other summer squash, if I remember correctly from last year. that's so great you grow your own tomatoes- I could eat one every day when they're home grown.

    Alea- Yay for tomatoes!

    Katie- Oh how I wish we could trade some peaches and apricots for some mango and papaya. I absolutely love those tropical fruits, and I love the stone fruits too, it would be hard to decide which I love more. I love the salsa idea- my husband won't give any tomatoes up, but maybe a peach salsa? I'll have to look for a recipe…

    Laura- How exciting to have your own garden. Last year after I'd run out of ideas for zucchini, my readers gave me a whole bunch of great recipes- here's the post: http://myyearwithoutspending.blogspot.com/2009/06/whats-your-favorite-recipe-for.html
    There are tons of great recipes that I still haven't gotten to- zucchini fritters became our favorite. And I always love zucchini bread.

    Maggie- Oh, I am so happy that you joined a CSA. That's such a great example of how each one is different, depending on where you live- I just love that touch of the pumpkin patch and all that. How fun! For us the CSA has put us much more in touch with the seasons, which can be really fun. Thanks so much for letting me know you joined a CSA, and for telling us about yours. And may the watermelons and melons arrive soon! We have relatives in Ohio and lived near Columbus for two years when I was young- I've had some of the best corn and the tastiest tomatoes of my life there.

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