The Simple Living Network Newsletter

I’m excited and honored to be included in The Simple Living Network Newsletter again this month. The network is one of my favorite resources for living the good life, non-consumer style.

The Simple Living Network website celebrates voluntary simplicity, which they define as “living an examined life, one in which you have determined what is important and enough for you, and discarding the rest.” It’s not about living in poverty or self-inflicted deprivation.

Duane Elgin, a leader of the voluntary simplicity movement and author of the book Voluntary Simplicity, puts it this way: “Simple living is living in way that is outwardly simple and inwardly rich.”

Click here to read my contribution, “My 90% Rule.”

And if you haven’t checked out The Simple Living Network yet, head on over there posthaste.


  1. Melanie Webster says

    This is a fabulous article, very inspiring. Thank you.

    It certainly can be difficult to give 100% all the time, the 90% rule is a good way to not feel guilty on those occasions when you can't follow your normal routine.

    Thanks again.

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