It’s CSA Delivery Day

This delivery was so over the top, I couldn’t even fit it all on the table, and you can’t really see the absolutely ginormous stalks of swiss chard in the back because they’re covered up by the kale and golden beets. It took me about an hour just to put all this away, because I […]

CSA delivery: or, how to make Monday your favorite day of the week

The following is a reprint of a previously published post. I’ll be back this Thursday with a brand-new Thrifty Threads post. Getting this delivery of local organic produce every two weeks has changed our lives! Cooking is more fun, and my husband is eating more fruit. On top of being better for the environment by […]

CSA Delivery Day: Spring Edition

I’m so sick of apologizing for the poor photo quality, I’ve decided to use my birthday money to buy a new digital camera. I’ve been hemming and hawing for months now, because of not wanting to break The Compact. But I’ve decided that I’m not comfortable buying a used camera unless it’s from someone I […]

CSA Delivery Day

It’s CSA day: yay! It’s also my birthday, so I’ve just got time enough to post this photo before my husband and I leave for my birthday hike, the first of many I hope to take during what promises to be an amazing spring. It has rained so much this winter that the hills are […]

CSA Delivery: I’m overwhelmed

Our CSA delivery for today was so packed with greens I could barely fit everything on the table. It was also really late so I’ve got to run but I’ll be back later when I have time to give you the full rundown of what we got. Meanwhile, I have to figure out what to […]

CSA Delivery Day: Hooray

I’m not too happy with this photo, but it’s getting a little boring to keep complaining about my camera. My lack of photography skills doesn’t help the matter. I just wish you could fully appreciate how gorgeous this mid-winter bounty is, colorful and varied as ever. If you’re new to this blog, every two weeks […]