Reflections on My Compact Year

I wanted this post to be dated January 1st, but we turned out to have a more social New Year’s than usual, filled with friends both old and new and even relatives I haven’t seen for years, so there was no time for my usual reflections on the past year and goals for the year […]

Is there anything I’m dying to buy new in January?

Yesterday I explained that I would continue with the Compact and blogging about it into 2010, with some caveats. Today I’ll answer this question from a reader: “Is there anything you plan on purchasing new in January? Something you’ve realized that you can’t find used, or just really have been wanting to splurge on?”Much to […]

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

My husband makes great pizza. One of the gifts I wanted to give him this year was a pizza stone. But since I’m on The Compact, my task was to find one used. I was a little skeptical that I would succeed. I wasn’t going to buy one new if I couldn’t find one, I […]

Are you happier?

I read this article from Time magazine a couple of weeks ago called “The Happiness Paradox: Why Are Americans So Cheery?” Are we cheery? Is it possible that there really is a silver lining in this recession? The author suggests that maybe the silver lining is in the downsizing, especially the downsizing of expectations. People […]

Reusable bags

Those are some, but not all, of our reusable bags. I just grabbed the ones I could find easily. Lately I’ve been encouraged by this story about Target and CVS promoting the use of reusable bags, but at the same time I’m still surprised and saddened by how many people still use plastic bags at […]

Super-Frugal Holiday Gifts

Welcome to part 3 of a series on non-consumer holiday gift ideas. Today I’ll talk about super-frugal gifts, or gifts under $10. I’m trying to stick to non-consumer items, which can include food and other things which are “Compact-friendly.” Thrifty Threads is suspended for this week, and I still need more photos! If you have […]