First Fall Off the Wagon ’10

This little lamb jacket from speesees, one of my favorite children’s clothing companies, was impossible to resist. A good friend of ours is having a little girl after wanting a baby for a very long time, so my husband and I really wanted to give her and her husband a nice shower gift. And this […]

The "Ah-Ha" Moment

I’ve officially been a member of The Compact for a little over a year now, since January 1st 2009. Without a doubt, my two biggest influences during that time were reading The Non-Consumer Advocate daily, and viewing The Story of Stuff. Katy Wolk-Stanley writes the daily blog The Non-Consumer Advocate, which was a lifesaver for […]

What’s ahead for 2010…

…for this blog, that is. What will stay the same and what will change? I’ll keep posting photos of our CSA delivery, photos of our food waste, photos of readers in their stylish secondhand clothes on Thrifty Threads, Meatless Monday recipes, and an occasional Wine Finds. I’ll also continue to ask questions relating to non-consumerism […]

Do you hug trees?

Treehugger has me featured as part of a story called “12 one-year personal stunts we can’t stop talking about.” Wow. Really? The segment is about The Compact, and it talks about this blog. Click here to read the entire article, which includes No Impact Man and some other interesting people. They used this image to […]

Kids love Compact-y Gifts

That’s my adorable 7-year-old niece, modeling the hat we gave her, and her new cat from Santa. When I started on The Compact, I was most nervous about what I would do for gifts. I was sure I could go without new stuff, but didn’t want to be ungenerous with friends and family. Well, I […]


My Buy Nothing New year officially ended five days ago, but as I said, since doing The Compact has been so rewarding and relatively easy, I’ve decided to continue as a Compacter into 2010, and indefinitely. This blog will document my experiment with making it a feasible permanent lifestyle. In addition to what I’ve already […]