Goodbye to lim(b)

My friend Danielle, creator of the excellent blog Less is More Balanced, is hanging up her blogging hat to focus on other writing projects, but the blog link will remain active indefinitely. I’m leaving it up on my sidebar because it’s one of my favorite resources for organic and green issues, projects, and inspiration. So […]

Will the junk mail ever stop?

It’s time to check in with my very first baby steps challenge: stop those catalogs and junk mail once and for all. This photo represents all the junk mail we received during the past month, a year after I originally took on the challenge. It’s significantly less than we used to get, but I still […]

The Recycling Queen

Meet Ann Lesch. She recycles just about anything she gets her hands on. And what she creates out of what most of us would consider junk is fabulous. Ann collects used plastic bags friends bring home from stores. She washes them, sorts them by color, and cuts them into strips. Then she crochets them into […]

Continuous Small Treats

The following is a reprint of a previously published post. We just received our Easter ginger cake and I’m looking forward to savoring it with my morning tea. Our dear sweet neighbor gave us this Easter basket. He baked the ginger cake himself. I can’t wait to enjoy it with tea tomorrow afternoon. It will […]