Time for recharging…

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the long holiday weekend, seeing movies, making gifts and baking, taking walks and hanging out with my husband. I was determined to spend less time at the computer, and that meant no blogging for a couple of days, but I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule this week, including Meatless […]

Sleep In on Black Friday

Take part in “The Great American Sleep-In” at Global Giving. On the day after Thanksgiving, ditch the mall and snuggle up to this earth-changing idea for gift giving. Here’s how it works: Sleep in, spend time with your loved ones at home, and avoid the crowded stores and long lines. Stay in your pajamas and […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so grateful for my family and friends, my health, and most of all for my wonderful husband. And this year I’m also thankful for all my new blogging friends and my brilliant readers, who inspire me every single day. This experiment has been a marvelous adventure, and given me much more than I […]

A Green and Grateful Thanksgiving

I know my readers are all about being green and grateful, so if you want to add some of that good stuff to Thanksgiving this year, check out this article by my friend Danielle Davis. Danielle blogs at Less is More Balanced and is the green living contributor at L.A.’s own Your Daily Thread. The […]

Super-Frugal Holiday Gifts

Welcome to part 3 of a series on non-consumer holiday gift ideas. Today I’ll talk about super-frugal gifts, or gifts under $10. I’m trying to stick to non-consumer items, which can include food and other things which are “Compact-friendly.” Thrifty Threads is suspended for this week, and I still need more photos! If you have […]

Handmade Gifts

This is the second part of my 3-part series on non-consumer holiday gift giving. Yesterday I talked about “experiential” gifts, tomorrow I’ll give you some ideas for super-frugal (under $10) gifts. Today we’ll talk about handmade gifts. If the word handmade conjures up images of styrofoam animals or ceramic ashtrays gathering dust, those are not […]