The Trader Joe’s problem

I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s for a long time, maybe almost 20 years, and I love it. I especially appreciate their great deals on wine, cheese, and nuts. I like their prices and the way we can fix semi healthy food that’s quick to prepare. But some time ago I started to get annoyed […]

Organic Milk

I should probably have a segment on this blog called “Ask my readers” because every time I ask, I get such great advice from you all! Lately I’ve been thinking about organic milk. We buy roughly 1/2 gallon a week for the two of us, and I pay $3.29 for the Trader Joe’s brand. I’m […]

Bionic Lettuce

I know this looks an awful lot like a Food Waste Friday photo, but it’s not. Because if you look closely, that may not be the newest or freshest head of lettuce you’ve ever seen, but it’s not ready to toss on the compost heap quite yet either. My husband has been using this lettuce […]

Restaurant Coupons: 90% OFF

If you haven’t come across this deal yet, is offering 90% OFF through tomorrow, Sunday September 13th. I’m usually wary of coupons, sometimes they’re not worth the trouble, there are too many restrictions, or they get forgotten in a drawer or the bottom of my purse. But you buy these coupons for specific restaurants […]

Road Trip Snacks

My husband left on a road trip last week. To be more precise, he’s driving alone across the country! It’s unusual in this day and age, but he insisted. He had hoped for us to go together and take the train with a sleeper car, but when that proved too expensive, he’d waited too long […]