Baby steps challenge update

The Pillsbury doughboy is really creepy. I always thought he was cute and cuddly (duped by advertising?), which is why I’ve kept this cookie jar 20+ years, even though I haven’t used it until now. Of course it could be my dismal photography skills (a talent that apparently isn’t genetic because my brother is a […]

August baby steps challenge: update

It’s time to report my progress on the August baby steps challenge, which is to switch to natural household cleansers. I owe a big thanks to my readers, who came through with flying colors when I asked for tips and advice on this subject. I’ve read them all and made a list of what I […]

A note about composting…

The July baby steps challenge was to start composting. I started sometime in mid-July, and now in mid-August, I have already filled up one small bin. I bought another ($5 from the city), and this time I’m taking the advice of a couple of my readers and I had my husband cut out the bottom […]