What is YOUR dream?

Betsy and Warren Talbot of Married With Luggage are living their dream of traveling the world. But before they left their comfortable Seattle life, they saved like mad for two years to make it happen. And now they’ve written the definitive guide to amassing the cash to make your own dream come true.

Whether your dream is to travel, start your own business, write a book, build your own house, or just about anything else you can think of, you probably need some cash to make it a reality. And Betsy and Warren are the experts, because they’ve actually done it already. They’ve been traveling for a year, have enough cash for four more, and are now committed to making it a permanent lifestyle. On top of holding your hand and leading you through the process, showing you where to avoid the pitfalls they went through, they are great communicators and cheerleaders who truly want your dreams to come true and will do everything in their power to make that happen.

Readers, I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years, and how many times have I tried to sell you anything or told you to spend money? So you know this is a hot tip, because I’m giving this guide 5 stars, a big thumbs up, my absolute, unconditional seal of approval. I truly believe it’s as life-changing as Your Money or Your Life, which is one of the best books I’ve ever read about transforming your life by changing the way you view work and money.

I could go on and on talking up this guide, but I’ll let Betsy give you some more details in the interview to follow. Just let me say that I’m constantly being asked to promote products, which I never do, even though some of them are great, because this blog is about NOT buying things. But for the value you’ll receive from it and the difference it can make in your life, buying this book might be the best decision you’ve made all year. I should also tell you that I edited this ebook for them, and so I’m very familiar with it. And I also need to tell you that if you go buy it, I will get a portion of the proceeds. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, and once again, I’m only doing it because of my relationship with Betsy and Warren and my 100% confidence in what they have to offer my readers. Plus, there’s really no reason NOT to buy it, because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. They can offer that because they’re so sure no one will ever ask for it.

If you already know you want the book, click here (And take $10 off for the next week with code MYWOS)

Need more convincing?  Let’s talk to Betsy and get to the nitty gritty…

Me: Why should my readers buy this book?

Betsy: Angela, your readers are way too savvy to buy something just because someone else tells them they need it. We wrote this guide for people who have a big dream and wonder how they’ll ever get the money to fund it, much less the inspiration to live it. It is for people who think life is passing them by and they don’t know how to catch up and live the life they always thought they’d be living by now. It took a bit of trial and error for us to figure out the hurdles of making a big life change and getting the money to go along with it, and we’ve written this for people just like us. If your readers fit that description, then this is a great resource for them.

Me: What makes this book different than several others that give financial advice and advice on how to reach your goals?

Betsy: We *all* know the basic rule of saving money: Spend less than you earn. But without a big goal in mind or a reason to do it, most of us just can’t be bothered. Our guide ties your money to your big dream in life, teaching Action and Focus as it concerns your money, your time, and your relationships. You can’t save money for something life-changing and not expect it to impact the rest of your life, and we address all those issues that can and do come up. We write just as much about peer pressure, fights with your spouse, and bucking the norm as we do about the how-tos of amassing a lot of cash in a relatively short period of time. It all goes together, and we don’t see how you can write a book about living your dream without talking about money AND the life changes that go along with it.

For those who don’t know, we decided in 2008 to take a trip around the world in time for our 40th birthdays after two people very close to us suffered life-threatening illnesses. It really woke us up and showed us that we were on the wrong path in life, and we spent 25 months saving/earning/finding money and selling everything we owned to take off for an open-ended trip around the world. We’re currently in Thailand celebrating our first full year of travel, and we can’t believe how lucky we are to be living this life.

The last thing is that you can actually track our progress through the guide, through our 400+ blog posts at Married with Luggage, through our monthly expense report tracking at www.RTWExpenses.com. I mean, we’re about as transparent as two people can be, so it is pretty easy for people to decide if this is the kind of plan for them and if we are the real deal.

Me: How does it relate to nonconsumerism?

Betsy: Unlike many other financial guides, we aren’t here to help you buy a bigger house or get a higher credit rating so you can finance more stuff. In fact, we’re going to advocate you sell/recycle a lot of your stuff because it is holding you back from the life you want even if you don’t realize that yet. Focus and Action are the key components to our plan, and a lot of that focus is spent determining exactly what you need to live your dream and not one thing more. Cluttering your life with extra possessions, commitments, superficial relationships, and activities is going to keep you far, far away from your dream. Our goal is to cut through all of that and make a straight line from Here to Dream.

We should talk some other time about nonconsumerism in general. We’ve had some hilarious conversations in our travels with locals and other short-term travelers who simply cannot believe we don’t buy any trinkets or tchotchkes. The perception that if you don’t have a souvenir it means you didn’t go (literally and figuratively) is so widespread that most people don’t even realize it. But we don’t have to tell you or your readers about that.

Me: Many of my readers are frugal types. Why should they spend $30 on your book? Will it be available at the library or as an audiobook?

Betsy: Your readers know the difference between cheap and frugal. No, this isn’t the cheapest product out there, and there’s a reason for that.

We offer not only the guide based on our 3 years of experience saving money and following our dream, but also on the countless interactions we’ve had with other dreamers through our blog and our travels. We meet more successful dreamers than most people do simply because of the way we live, and we’ve confirmed a lot of our experience with them. Add to that the 3-month email followup plan for every single buyer, the bonus chapter on selling your stuff on Craigslist (my favorite), and the two video classes from Adam Baker at Man vs. Debt on crushing your credit card debt, and you’ve got a much more powerful product than a book. For $29.99, you’re buying the wisdom of our experience and the opportunity to get your specific questions answered by us for the first three months as you get started. (Man, I wish we had us back when we started!)

As to your question about the library, no this won’t be available there. We won’t be printing any hard copies of this book. Good news on the audio front, though. We are already recording it and will be adding it to the product next month at no extra charge – and every person who has bought it up to that point will receive a free copy.

So readers, it is my hope that you will take my strong recommendation to buy this ebook and get started on living your own dream today. For the next week, if you use code MYWOS at checkout and hit update you will get a $10 discount, which brings the price to just under $20. I can’t wait for you to get started! I started the program less than a month ago and I’m already taking steps toward my dreams and taking action, and I can’t wait to share some of the exciting things that have been happening in my life as a result.  The power of making a commitment and focusing on it truly is remarkable.

Click here to view more details and buy the guide

What is YOUR dream? Do you need some cash to make it happen? Do you need help defining it, or sketching it a little more clearly? Maybe you’re living it already. Please share in the Comments section, and I hope you’ll head over right now to buy the book! Just click on the icon below.


  1. says

    I’ve enjoyed following Betsy and Warren’s travels for the past year.

    Like Betsy and Warren, I woke up to the realization that I was NOT living MY life a few years before my 40 birthday. Once I saw the problem, I fashioned a solution and started taking steps in the “right” direction:
    I got rid of STUFF that was holding us back, I stopped practicing law and moved into the non-profit arena. Now, we are LIVING OUR DREAM LIFE in Florida. Aah . . . that’s better!

    For me it started with the book Your Money or Your Life and another by Elaine St. James, Simplify Your Life. Both reminded readers to FOLLOW their own path . . . and focus on a Less is More mentality.

    When we declutter our lives and get rid of what isn’t working . . . we create space for our dreams.

    • Angela says

      Nancy, You are such an inspiration for living your dream and thank you so much for sharing it. I agree that Your Money or Your Life is really a game changer.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. says

    I completely agree, Your money or your Life changed my life. Hubby has not read it but it has changed his without him knowing. In three months time we are quitting our safe good jobs, moving to paradise (Vancouver Island) and will become semi-employed and self employed. We are cashing in and downsizing and know we can make the money last. The biggest thing I learned from that book is how to get a life. Decide what you want and go for it. I am now going to order Simplify your Life.

    • Angela says

      Congratulations on your huge changes, they sound wonderful.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting. Best of luck with your dream!

  3. Marie-Josée says

    We’ve taken many steps to move closer to our dream life, but because we are parents, we have had to plan changes in a way that considers their impact on our family. We began by selling our house in 2005 in the suburbs – caring for our home was something we didn’t enjoy. We rented a condo for two years and then moved to the city, where our eldest was attending university and our son was to commence college. We then had the privilege of moving into a housing coop. My husband is a plumber and can do just about anything construction/renovation/handy-work related. So he’s a big asset to have around. In Montreal, coops provide a really cheap rent in exchange for the services and cooperation of the members. We manage the housing coop like a condo, setting aside funds for major repairs and doing all of the administration and maintenance ourselves. Large projects are given to contractors. Once our son leaves home, we will probably still live in a coop, but would like to relocate into a smaller appartment. Agan, we need to condiser our family with respect to this choice, we still will need to find a coop appartement large enough to enable us to host family lunches/dinners etc. We are renting a lovely 51/2 which a family would eventually really appreciate. We are paying for our son’s university, but once that is over, both my husband and I will probably change jobs. He works as a plumber in a large company and he would need to be cloned to manage all the work they throw at him. He is continually disturbed in his work, which frustrates him immensly – he’s always running around dealing with emergencies. I’m a legal assistant and it is a high pressure job. Our goals are to have enough to save for a comfortable retirement and to travel, and to afford organic foods while pursuing less stressful jobs. I think that we will be able to reach our goal in about five years.

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