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Welcome to Thrifty Threads lite, when the model is moi.

This is a recent photo taken after dinner out with my husband. I bought this dress at a consignment shop this summer for $25 with the tags still on. I’ve already worn it at least five times in a little over a month and I got several compliments each time. Not only do I love the look and design, it’s super comfortable and since it’s cotton knit it doesn’t wrinkle and makes a great travel dress.

The only tiny complaint I had was it was a bit too low-cut for my taste, so since this photo I’ve taken to wearing a black camisole underneath. It doesn’t destroy the line of the dress, but gives me a little more peace.

I know this will be my “dressy” travel item for the next 4 or 5 years, so I’m thrilled that on a per-wear basis, it cost me pennies! It’s easy to accessorize and I just throw on a little black sweater if it’s chilly.

For me, the high-end consignment store is much easier to deal with than Goodwill because the selection is great and I can look through it without getting overwhelmed. I’ve been there about 4 or 5 times and always find something I like. It’s what has kept it simple for me to buy NO NEW CLOTHES for almost three years now.

Along with our annual clothing swap and gifts from friends, secondhand shopping has made it possible for me to still be relatively fashion conscious without spending money. If I add in the fact that I bring clothes and jewelry to the consignment shop, my clothing budget for the past 33 months is $0. Oh, and in case you live in the Los Angeles area, the fabulous shop I’m talking about is Marz in Montrose.

Our next door neighbor has become a friend and she’s a high-end jean designer. She’s offered to give me seconds (imperfect jeans) and has already given me a couple to try on to determine my size. So I’ll soon be receiving $200 jeans for nada. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you tell people you’re a weirdo and don’t buy new stuff.

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  1. Marie-Josée says

    Angela, you look fabulous. I really like the classic cut of the dress assorted to the interesting fabric motif, and I find the cleavage very flattering (but I understand that you need to respect your comfort zone). It”s a wonderful find. My energy always feels really low when I shop at thrift stores and I can’t explain this, but I would be interested in seeing if I would have the same reaction in a nice consignment store. The one in your area seems quite fabulous and it’s great that you are renewing your wardrobe with pieces that you love at such great prices.

  2. Lilypad says

    Tee-hee, I always feel the same way about low-cut tops and find it hard to believe how some women go out and about in as little clothes as they do! You look terrific. Let’s hear it for outfits that are beautiful but also comfortable! (And for gorgeous retro kitchens. Jealous, sigh)

  3. Angela says

    Thanks ladies! I really am happy with a dress that travels well and gets so many compliments. It’s no-fuss!

    And yes, we do love our retro kitchen- my husband did it himself and it was all done for about $2600. Also nothing went to the landfill! A lot of work, but we love the result. I’ll have to re-post our kitchen remodeling project. It was two years ago and it still feels new to us.

    Thanks for your comments!

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