Good news about plastic

Update: The current ban applies only to unincorporated areas of Los Angeles, which includes approximately ten percent of L.A. But the movement is spreading and I feel confident that plastic bags will be a thing of the past in California within the next few years.

I love L.A.

At least sometimes. Like when they become the first place in this big, beautiful country to ban plastic bags. Hooray!

The plastic bag ban took effect across Los Angeles county on July 1st. The ban aims to reduce the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Plastic bags will no longer be offered, and paper bags will still be available but will cost 10 cents-a-bag. County supervisors are hoping it will encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.

That is good news indeed. I’m proud to live in the city that’s leading the way on this issue. It’s only a matter of time before it will come up on the state level again.

In other plastic news, I was encouraged by this article about how companies are trying to reduce their use of plastic whenever possible. Not out of the goodness of their hearts, or concern for the environment, but because of the bottom line. It seems the instability in petroleum products is causing a price increase that’s forcing them to turn to substitutes. In particular, those inpenetrable, hard plastic clamshell cases will soon be a thing of the past. Manufacturers and retailers are actively searching for a cheaper alternative. Anyone who has ever wrestled with – and even been injured by – one of those things will drink a toast to THAT welcome news.

Check out how one woman attempts to eschew all plastic for one month and document it at Modern Muse, Julia Park Tracey’s award winning blog. Read about how difficult it can be to find plastic alternatives, even when you have the commitment and determination of Jim Garrison.  Find out how she was flummoxed, encountered resistance, and worn down, but never out. And understand when she says that now she can never go back. Her journey will inspire you to do better and keep you laughing along the way. There’s a post a day starting with the June 1st launch detailing the ground rules in My family is going to hate me, and concluding with Deep thoughts on June 30th.

The good news may be a drop in the bucket and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is still floating around out there, but all we can do is soldier on, one step at a time, and celebrate the little bright rays of sunshine when we hear about them.

Got any good news about plastic you’d like to tell us about? Please share in the Comments section.


  1. Marie-Josée says

    Bravo L.A.! It’s a great incentive, especially that you are situated right by the ocean… plastics are so harmful to marine life. Not to diminish the impact of this wonderful law, I hope Californians will massively choose cars with low gas consumption to address greenhouse emissions.

  2. tracee says

    Actually this isn’t completely accurate. The ban only applies to the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles, which is about ten percent of Los Angeles

    • Angela says

      Tracee, you’re right! I must update the post to include this information. The movement is spreading, and in my initial glee, I neglected to research some of the news that was coming out. Thanks for keeping me honest!

      As I’ve been checking the articles on this, it’s still a bit confusing to me and some of it seems contradictory, but I think the basic fact you state is true: that as of now, it applies to only the unincorporated areas, and that amounts to about ten percent of the population.

  3. says

    I read that California was looking at some legislation that would include the “positives” of plastic bags in the curriculum? Have you heard that?

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