I can recycle THAT?

Did you know you could recycle your beat-up surfboard? What about chewed-up, ground-down crayons? Those old keys that you usually toss into the trash, or push to the back of the junk drawer?

I recently came across a great article called 10 Things You Never Knew Were Recyclable on the excellent site Earth 911. You’ve got to check it out! You’re sure to find something on there that will surprise you.

Human hair? Golf balls? Wine? All recyclable. Of course, if you’ve ever read the Wine Finds segment on this blog, you can guess my response to the idea of leftover wine. But there were some other items on the list that I’m so happy to know can be recycled.

The article includes a link to the local recycling solution in your area for each item, so you don’t have to worry about packaging, post office runs, or the tab for shipping to Timbuktu. Also, remember to check your local sanitation department website for what can go in your recycling bin. It changes all the time, and is different from state to state. I just returned from visiting my parents in Idaho, where I was shocked to learn that there is absolutely NO RECYCLING whatsoever in their area. Not even newspapers or glass bottles. Whereas in Los Angeles, more and more items are recyclable curbside, including even the dreaded Styrofoam.

One other fun thing in the article is a link to Reuse Projects for Old Board Games. I love the Scrabble coasters, and there are some really cool earrings and cufflinks made from game pieces. My brother’s girlfriend loved the Mahjong tile earrings I gave her a few years ago, and I’m wearing a necklace made from a Scrabble piece that was a gift from my brother. Check it out, and keep Earth 911 in mind as a resource for all your recycling questions.

What’s the most unusual item you’ve ever recycled? Does your community have an enlightened recycling policy, or does it leave something to be desired? Do you have any creative recycling information to share? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section.


    • Angela says

      Ha! You know, I heard a radio story about how you can actually sell hair to make wigs, if it’s all of a piece. So if you have long beautiful hair and cut it off, that’s a better option. But if you have miscellaneous hair from a trim or men’s hair from a haircut, this info on recycling is good.

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