Fabulous compact-y home renovations

I’m so excited to share these incredible photos a reader from Ontario, Canada sent to me. Monique explains her remarkable bathroom project so well, I’ll quote from her email:

“I received my thrifty threads email today, and that made me think of my thrifty shower/bath project. I have been following your blog for quite a while and try to incorporate compacty thinking in all of our household renovations.  We bought a 150 year old log house, so you can imagine that there is a lot to renovate!

I can’t take any credit for the shower or bath surround myself.  We had a wonderful contractor who created the bathroom for us and then my husband did all of the tedious tiling and grouting, but I did do all of the sourcing of tiles.

The tiles were mainly found at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, although the special tiles around the tub were donated by my mother-in-law.  The tiles from the re-store weren’t especially cheap, but it feels good knowing that I have used up extra tiles that would have been wasted otherwise. I hope that you enjoy these photos!”

Monique, I LOVE the photos, and I know my readers will as well! All I can say is “Wow.” It’s so amazing to keep finding out all the beautiful and creative ways people are recycling these days.

What remarkable projects have you taken on lately? Please leave your ideas and inspiration in the Comments section, and feel free to send in photos. We all love to see what creative ideas you’re coming up with. And I continue to expand my definition of what’s possible AND desirable  in the used/secondhand/recycled world.


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