Trash into Treasure

In the category of renew, reuse, and recycle,check out this video of how the ladies from “Dykes on a Dyme” transformed a discarded couch into a patio bench. It came out fantastic!

Take 5 minutes and learn How to Turn a Loveseat into a Patio Bench

I love their resourcefulness and the “keepin’ it out of the landfill” aspect of the endeavor. Also cool is how they turn the project into a party.

I tried to embed this but it didn’t work so you’ll have to click the link to get to it. I really wanted to share this with you in time to enjoy all things patio-related, in case you’re motivated to make your own patio bench.  It’s the season for sunshine, barbecue, and margaritas!

Does this inspire you to pick up the next couch you see dumped by the side of the road? Please share your ideas for turning trash into treasure in the Comments section.


    • Angela says

      Thanks Terry! I agree, it’s such an awesome idea that I have been looking at every discarded sofa on the sidewalk as a treasure now.

      Welcome, and thanks for commenting!

  1. Marie-Josée says

    This is do great! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle AND Socialize! The end result is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Those look awesome! We’re building a patio in our backyard this year (using second hand interlocking brick scavenged from a few different sources) and I am totally envisioning a whole outdoor living room set made like this. Fantastic idea – thanks :)

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