And the winner is…

Maggie Dudzik! Maggie will be shipped a free kit of organic tomato products from Muir Glen. Maggie, please send me an email at with your street address so I can have it mailed to you ASAP. Congratulations!

Here’s what Maggie had to say about Muir Glen tomatoes: 

I’d love to win these! I’m usually a tomato-hater but I love the Muir Glen brand. It would be so much fun to try out the recipes. I started making fresh tomato basil soup this past summer with the overabundance of tomatoes from our CSA. So tasty!

I agree with Maggie that nothing compares with fresh-from-the-vine CSA tomatoes, but Muir Glen canned tomatoes come close. And there are so many ways they can be prepared. Here are just a few ideas from readers:

Jill says, “…I also gave up purchasing tomato/pasta sauce and have taken to using the canned tomatoes to make my own! I simmer it on the stove with some seasonings, whatever I have available and add whatever other veggies are around, like zucchini out of the freezer from last summer, steamed squash that is still lingering around from the fall, a too-soft pepper from the fridge that I don’t want to throw out because it was an indulgence to purchase in the first place. Then I toss it all in the blender and use it in lasagna, on homemade pizza, in chili.”

Julie says, “…I just used some tomato paste to make seitan! I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian….I just wanted to try making it! It is in the oven and smells YUMMY!!!!”

Nancy says, “…One way I love to use tomatoes: saute zucchini, onions, and peppers in olive oil. Add fresh or canned tomatoes. Serve over pasta. Magnifique!”

Another Nancy says,”…My favorite tomato recipe (okay, one of a few faves) is just tomatoes crushed up with crusty bread, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper and heated up. It’s an italian recipe and since I am french, I don’t know the true name of it…I only know it tastes unbelievable and is very filling!”

From Barb, “…Tomatoes, olive oil…& build from there! ahhhhhh…..”

Kathy says, “My easiest recipe is just tomatoes and chicken in the crockpot served with a side of veggies….yum.”

Lisa offers this: “My favorite lazy tomato soup recipe is a can of Muir Glen tomatoes heated up with some roasted garlic if I have it and some chopped Kale, then hit it with the immersion blender and throw in dash of milk or cream, nearly instant comfort food!”

Audra says, “…I would love to win this and make bruschetta for my husband and perhaps some yummy chili con carne before the weather changes here in Arizona.”

From Traci: “…we love using canned tomatoes in salsas, sauces & soups when the fresh tomatoes are not available.”

Kat claims that, “Muir Glen’s tomato’s make the best tortilla soup! I’d love the gift pack so I can make the soup and of course try out all of their recipes!”

And many readers said they loved making their own pizza, pasta sauce, and soup from Muir Glen products.

Click here to place an order for a kit. You can’t go wrong with this delicious, nutritious kit of organic tomato products and recipes. It makes a great gift too. And click here for more mouth-watering recipes. I am definitely going to try the fire roasted tomato-basil crab bisque.

Thanks everyone, for entering the giveaway, and for all your recipe ideas. And thanks also for all the kind compliments on my blog.


    • Angela says

      Yes, Maggie was so excited about winning, and I was happy that she lives in a snow-bound area (Cincinnati) and will really appreciate those tomatoes.

      Thanks for entering Angela, it was so much fun to do a giveaway of such a great product that I love. I wish I could have given a kit to everyone who entered!

  1. says

    Thanks, Angela! For hosting the contest and sharing the link to the tomato kit. Very cool.

    Congrats, Maggie. Enjoy the taste of summer in the midst of winter.

  2. Maggie says

    Thanks Angela for the giveaway and thanks to angela/nrhatch for the congrats! We are supposedly getting a nice sheet of ice just in time for work tomorrow! I’d rather be indoors cooking and hanging out with the pets. :)

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