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I was so excited when the lovely Naomi Seldin of the fabulous blog Simpler Living asked me to participate in her series of interviews with other bloggers. I finally got around to answering her questions, and you can read the entire interview here.

Simpler Living has become one of my favorite blogs, as it offers that perfect cocktail of useful information with a personal and entertaining spin. Naomi writes about decluttering, minimalism, and all things simple living-related. One of my favorite posts was Getting unstuck from sentimental stuff,  about how she dealt with items that represented a link to people and places in her past. Instead of telling you “it’s just STUFF, get over it,” she shares creative solutions for how to deal with items that hold meaning for you. And the answer isn’t always to get rid of it!

So head on over to Simpler Living and read the interview. I think you’ll discover a new blog you like, if you haven’t already. Please share your thoughts about Simpler Living, the interview, or getting rid of sentimental clutter in the Comments section.


  1. says

    Thanks again for taking the time to participate in my Q&A series, Angela, and for the kind words. I’m glad that you’ve found some of my experiences helpful, too.

    I made your homemade granola recently, by the way, and it was every bit as good and easy to make as you said it would be. Happy holidays!


    • Angela says

      Naomi- I was happy to do it, thanks for asking. And yes, I really do love the wisdom of the sentimental clutter post. Sometimes I wonder whether all these people who are getting rid of EVERYTHING voluntarily will be happy decades down the road. It seems like most people would like a few connections to their past and other people.

      So happy you liked the granola, it’s a staple around here. Happy holidays to you too!

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