Happy to be Back

Hello readers! I’m so happy to be back after a much-needed break. I’ve missed you. And if you’re reading this, thank you for sticking with me. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer.

Lest you think I was lolling about in a hammock eating bon bons the entirety of August, let me tell you that was not the case. I still had a lot of work and other things to take care of, but my husband and I did manage to take a break in Northern California visiting friends, hiking in the redwoods and biking along the ocean cliffs. It was gorgeous, relaxing, and just what I needed. The photo above was taken beside the largest coast live oak tree I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know if I had any earth-shattering insights during that time, but I did realize that keeping up with a daily blog was a self-imposed activity that had started to become a chore, another item on my to-do list. And since this blog has been so valuable to me and I want to keep writing it, I knew that had to change. So I’ve got a few ideas and I would love your input.

First of all, I’ll be blogging less often, and without a regular schedule. That way I’ll be able to delve into some of the posts I’ve been putting aside for lack of time. I think in the long run, I’ll be able to write better and more interesting posts this way, by going more in depth. (This whole concept was explored brilliantly in this post by Betsy over at Married With Luggage. She talks about how the term peanut buttering, which refers to spreading your resources too thin, is not only ineffective, it actually kills creativity.)

With that in mind, I’ll be posting less often, but I hope more enthusiastically. My intention is to kick-start this blog so that my best posts are still ahead, not buried in the archives. At this point, my best guess is that I’ll be posting an average of 2 or 3 posts per week instead of 5 or 6. What still interests me the most is how to live a nonconsumer lifestyle in a consumer society, and raising questions about what guides our purchasing decisions, what we can do without, and what we really need to be happy. I’d love your input on which features and types of posts you like best, and what keeps you coming back to this blog. You can either leave me a comment or email me directly, but please let me know what you think. Which post made you visit the blog a second time after stumbling upon it? Do you remember some of your favorite posts? Do you want to see more or less of anything?

I’ll add your ideas to what I’ve been thinking about the direction to take the blog and the types of posts I most enjoy writing. So leave me a comment, or send me an email at barton (dot)angela(at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you! And I greatly appreciate your time. On Thursday I’ll have a brand-new Thrifty Threads post, and I’ve got some ideas in the works for next week.


  1. Anonymous says

    Welcome Back! I understand the desire to cut back on the day to day grind of writing. Once a week would be great, if you publish on the same day each week. With random posts you may loose some readers. Just a thought. PBH

  2. Clandestine Road says

    Glad your sabbatical was beneficial. What a great picture! As far as what I'd like to see more of, I have not preference. I began reading your blog because you are insightful and intentional.

    Angela L.

  3. Reduce, Reuse and Rummage says

    I love the term 'peanut buttering!'. It is something we all face. I've been a long-time reader, and I believe a first-time poster! I would love to see you continue the thrifty threads, and the wine reviews, as well as your thoughts about deciding when not to purchase something that initially seems necessary.

  4. Frugalmalaysian says

    Since your holiday, I have fallen off the wagon and have bought more than I should online.In fact, bought more than I have in a year. So I figure, I would like to read more on living on less and to shake off my addiction to consumerism. I really need the encouragement.
    Glad you are back!!

  5. Alea says

    My favorite posts are the ones where you have shared your thoughts or discoveries about the non-consumer lifestyle. I enjoy Thrifty Threads and your Meatless Monday posts encourage me to try new things rather than just serve vegetable soup each Monday. :)

    I don't think any post needs to be weekly. I subscribed by email so that I will receive your posts in my inbox.

  6. MaddyG says

    Glad you are back!
    I agree with Alea, your Meatless Monday posts are helpful. And it's always interesting to see what recipes you come up with to use up some of those CSA oddities.
    Oh, and Thrifty Threads is awesome.

  7. Betsy Talbot says

    I agree with Alea in that sharing your internal thoughts and discoveries about leading a nonconsumer lifestyle are most appealing. Once we learn how to manage ourselves internally, it makes the external actions much easier to control.

    Welcome back!

  8. Angela says

    Thanks so much for your input everyone. I'm glad to be back and happy to hear that what you want to read squares with what I want to write about.

    I've gotten similar comments by email, and so I will continue with Thrifty Threads, Meatless Mondays and CSA delivery photos, and all questions about leading an intentional life, purchasing decisions and the internal thought process behind them, and my discoveries and insights about leading a nonconsumer life. Oh, and I'll try to throw in a Wine Finds post once in awhile.

    Thanks again, especially first-time posters!

  9. danielle says

    Welcome back to blogging Angela! Your photo looks triumphant! I love the term peanut-buttering and have hereby resolved never to do it. :)

  10. Anonymous says

    Welcome back from your well deserved sabbatical. While I enjoy popping in to see your lates on what came in the latest CSA delivery, or your posts on Thrifty Threads and Meatless Monday, I understand the need to cut back a bit. That is much more preferable to a total fade, as some bloggers or podcasters do when burnt out. Thank you for all you do.

  11. littlegreenvillage says

    Hi Angela,

    Welcome back!

    Hope you feel refreshed.

    I think it is a good idea to post when you feel it is enjoyable for you. So if it is 3 times a week, then good for you.

    And if I need a "My year Without Spending" fix, I can just browse the archives for a gem of inspiration!


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