Drought tolerance

These flowers were planted just two years ago. This one is my favorite, the Matilija poppy.


And this one’s called lion’s tail. I love it, but it only bloomed like this for about two weeks in June.
All of these plants are drought tolerant, and we didn’t need to water them all winter.
What are some of your favorite drought tolerant plants?


  1. Angela says

    Forest Parks- I don't know anything about food plants, and I'm just learning about grasses and flowers that are drought-tolerant.

  2. Castal says

    I love rosemary as a drought tolerant (and loving) plant that I can eat. The hotter it gets, the better it smells.

    Peppers are somewhat drought tolerant, but they do like a little water consistently over the summer.

    Cactus is, of course, very drought tolerant and you can eat both the pad and pricky pears off of paddle cactus. (The de-spined pads are called Nopales in mexico, and may be at your grocery store. The prickly pears are great for eating raw, making jelly and making cider once you get the juice strained VERY well)

    Dandilions and Mustard are both edible and are fine with low water as well. Sunflowers do well on low water, but need some to get started and the birds (and humans) love them!

    I prefer plants to earn their keep–so if I have to water it, it will be expected to either aid a food plant or be directly edible.

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