Thanks for your anniversary gift ideas!

Thank you readers! When I asked for ideas, as always, you delivered. Armed with your suggestions, I created this fabulous basket for my friend’s parents’ 50th anniversary.

I loved all your ideas so much that I wish I could have included all of them. I decided to go with baked goods and consumables, so I started with some dark German rye bread and Pfefferneuse (German spice cookies). I had never baked either one before, but they both came out delicious. The basket was sitting in a coworker’s office since the holidays, and he was happy to let me take it off his hands. Then I picked up some strong coffee, marmalade, and sour cherry jam at World Market for about $10. I was able to incorporate the gold from the “golden anniversary” with the basket and the envelope for the card.

The gift was a big hit, and I was happy I was able to stay on The Compact. It took a bit more time and effort than just throwing down the money, but I love to bake, so that’s okay. Although I advise starting yeast bread before 9pm if you want to get to bed before 2:00 in the morning.

Thanks again for your brilliant suggestions. Another event successfully navigated. I really think these “Compact-approved” gifts are the best gifts of all. When I think about my favorite gifts I’ve received over the years, they have all been Compact-friendly. Look for that post in the future. Meanwhile, what are some of the best gifts you’ve ever received? Please share in the Comments section.


  1. psmflowerlady says

    Cuttings of plants or bulbs from divisions. LOVE 'em! My friend & I have 2 ceramic pots that we trade back and forth every year with "annuals" in – I no longer remember where the pots originally came from.

  2. Suz says

    Perfect 50th anniversary gift!

    The best anniversary gifts for me are always when we go on a trip and spend time together.

  3. gifts Philippines says

    I agree to the commenter spend time together is one of the greatest anniversary gift ever. Anyway,its good that you shared this.


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