Tale of Two Water Bottles

I finally broke down and bought a brand-new Klean Kanteen water bottle, replacing the giveaway bottle I’d been putting up with for far too long.

I know some Compacters are so cool they manage to find stuff like pristine-with-the-tags-still-on Sigg water bottles at Goodwill for like 2 cents, but I am not that cool. And I was determined it was past time to be both green and healthy by using a stainless steel water bottle.

After carrying that bottle on the right around for about a year, my husband finally convinced me to fork out the $22 (!!) to buy the pretty green bottle from REI. He was sick and tired of seeing me deal with the various eccentricities of the giveaway bottle, namely that it leaked and spilled out large amounts of water every time I used it. It’s amazing what I’ll adapt to if necessary. But clearly this wasn’t necessary.
The question now is: what to do with the old bottle? I was going to give it to Goodwill but my husband says I shouldn’t subject anyone else to dealing with it. I hate to send it to a landfill, and hold out hope that maybe someone will be able to fix it or use it in some way. Is it tacky to give what most people would consider trash to Goodwill? Or is it possible that someone will get some use out of this thing?
Readers, what do you think? There are some things I wouldn’t give to the Goodwill, like used slippers or undergarments or permanently stained clothing. But what about a less-than-functional water bottle? I need your advice. Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section.


  1. Anonymous says

    If you have no other use for it in your own home, I would just toss it. I would fee badly if someone paid money, even if it's only .02, for an item that does not function properly, i.e., a broken item.

  2. Anonymous says

    Leave it at work! I have a water bottle at work, one in my car and another for the gym. Why? Because I have a lot of water bottles and I HATE forgetting it at home.

  3. Angela says

    I have a "Nalgene" bottle I use for the gym, and I don't want to leave this one at work because water pours out all over.

    I will not use it in my house.
    I will not use it with a mouse.
    I will not use it here or there.
    I will not use it anywhere.

  4. frugalista says

    Angela, I don't want to be a pooper but is the cover/top made of plastic/ stainless steel ( The inside of the cover not the outside). There was an article ( I think it should be easy enough to google it) not too long ago that even Sigg had to replace their covers as it leaked BPA. After that I changed mine to the stainless steel type. It's alright to pay $22 for yours as you will likely be using it forever!

  5. withduckandgoose says

    i would use it as a craft project or even storage for my garage (nails, screws, something not leak-able). it can definitely be used still, just maybe not for fluids!

  6. Mary Beth says

    Grr. I think the cheap "free" giveaway crap has got to end! It's a concept whose time has come and gone. I think you have done more than your duty by putting up with it for 1.5 years and now just throw it away. The ones that should feel guilty are the company who gave away multiple crappy bottles!

  7. Shannon says

    I agree about giveaway stuff ending. I pretty much don't accept any sort of giveaway stuff anymore unless I really really really think I will use it. And even then, I probably only use the stuff I do take half the time.

  8. Katrina says

    Hmm, I think the reason I haven't got one of these is I always lose my drink bottles and think I would cry if I paid that much for something and then lost it. could it be used to water plants or something?

  9. Those Tricks says

    You could brush it up (to remove the logo and make it "brushed stainless steel") and use it as a vase or to hold mixing spoons or pot a little succulent!

  10. Erin says

    I would FreeCycle it. The beauty of FreeCycle is you can fully disclose what the item does/doesn't do and see if you have a "buyer".

    I have given away countless things I truly thought were junk through FreeCycle.

  11. Betsy says

    I am completely with you on this one! Before I got laid off (budget cuts)I was a public school teacher and took a group to the local landfill for an environmental education grant. Made a huge impact on me – trashing stuff physically huts me…I vote thrift store or freecycle.

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