Green is Good

I’m so happy to be part of a “green roundup” at Your Daily Thread called “Five L.A. Women Bloggers Up to Green Good.”

I’m included with an inspiring group:

…A woman who rides the bus every day (believe me, that’s a BIG deal in Los Angeles)

…A creative genius who sews A New Dress a Day out of the ugliest garments imaginable, transforming them into stylish ensembles (it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a model herself, which is why I stole her cute photo for this post)

…And the intrepid soul who is cleaning up the Santa Monica beach, one 20 minute step at a time. I love her quote: “Who needs an organized cleanup? Just grab a bag, go to the damn beach, and pick some stuff up.”

So head on over to Your Daily Thread and check it out! You might be motivated to learn to sew, use public transportation, or pick up trash on the beach. And you’ll probably find a blog you love.


  1. Simple in France says

    All of those are fun ideas–and inspiring. I didn't even know such threads existed. Shall check it out.

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