Meatless Monday recipes

It’s Monday, time to share readers’ favorite meatless recipes.

Meatless Monday is a nonprofit initiative whose aim is to get people to give up meat one day a week, for their own health and the health of the planet. Click here to find out more about it. If you pledge to go meatless on Mondays, you’ll get a weekly email packed with recipes and news in the world of food.

It’s easy to go meatless when you know how to cook easy and delicious meatless meals. And who doesn’t like macaroni and cheese?

Today’s first reader suggestion is from Catherine at The Vegan Good Life, who offers this vegan spin on the old favorite. I’m going to have to try this one, because I can’t imagine mac & cheese without cheese!

Catherine also shares this Lentil Shepherd’s Pie as the “ultimate comfort food on a cold blustery night.” I’m sure we’ve got a few more of those before spring is here, and I have been loving lentil recipes lately, not to mention anything with potatoes.

And this Winter Vegetable Pot Pie comes from Emily via Good Housekeeping. Emily says it’s super tasty and while it uses chicken broth, you could easily substitute vegetable broth. This recipe highlights some of my favorite winter root vegetables like sweet potatoes, and it’s topped with a biscuit.

All of these sound so delicious that I’m going to try to make them all this week. Can you see how it’s easy for us to go meatless nearly every night these days, between the gorgeous produce in our CSA delivery and these amazing recipes? Seriously, who needs meat?

Thanks readers for all of your fantastic suggestions! If you have a favorite meatless meal, please tell us about it in the Comments section and I’ll share it in the next Meatless Mondays post.


  1. Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life says

    Hope you enjoy them Angela. As an admitted (forbidden) cheese lover, it's not the same as the real version, but it's an alternative for those reducing dairy intake or just minding their cholesterol.

    The Shepherd's pie is great for at-home St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I adore Irish pubs, but not on that day. I like to serve it with a side of toast the way my local pub serves their meat version (off limits to me), and a glass of Magners cider or pot of tea.

  2. Vanessa says

    Our family has decided to go totally vegetarian after a few Meatless Mondays. I am so excited never to have to buy meat again. Especially chicken which I always felt bad about.

  3. Amanda says

    Looking forward to discovering new meatless recipes!

    If you're ever planning on pizza for Meatless Monday, I'd recommend the dough recipe from The Pioneer Woman's blog and cookbook (I don't have the link handy but Google will easily turn it up). We have a veggie pizza made with Follow Your Heart or Daiya (faux)cheese at least once per week. It's a simple, easy recipe that has always garnered compliments.

  4. gteamhj says

    I rediscovered the joys of canned beans. I know, it's cheaper and better for us if we cook dried beans, but sometimes I'm too tired to plan ahead. Had a great dinner tonight of red rice (really cool, and new for us), black beans, red pepper, cilantro, some hot pepper stuff, and I think something else. Corn and flour tortillas for our family & it was delish.

    Want to see my recent decluttering inspiration? Jan. 20 our main kitchen cabinet crashed to the floor, 22 yrs. after remodel. The installers used screws that were too short, and 2 of the 5 didn't hit the studs. Broke every single plate we own (a few in the camping closet), & even wedding crystal (altho I didn't like the guy who gave it to us). Inspired me to go through all the other cabinets. Got rid of 5 boxes of stuff, plus I got new plates! I took a tile mural workshop 10 years ago & have been thinking about making one – now is the time, with my broken crockery! Is it possible to share images with you? I have several, taken with shaking hands, at 12 a.m. the night the cabinet crashed (and took out the stereo speaker, electrical plugs, hit the counter & floor).

  5. Angela says

    Catherine- I'm sure we will- can't wait to try them! There's not enough time to try all the new veggie recipe ideas I've gotten here!

    Vanessa- Wow- good for you! That's a big step. I have no problem cooking only vegetarian, except for fresh fish, which we both love. Other than that, almost all of the meat we eat is when we go out, to other people's homes or to a restaurant. And there are 3 or 4 recipes I make at home like turkey chili and crockpot chicken, that we both love. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. There are no shortage of delicious vegetarian recipes all over the Internet.

    Hi Amanda! I love the Pioneer Woman, and have a few recipes from there I want to try. And we love just about any kind of pizza! Thanks for commenting!

    Leasmom- It was! I made it the other night and it was scrumptious! Although it took some time to prepare- it was worth it. We both loved it and it will be a good winter veggie staple.

    gteamhj- I've been cooking dried beans more often lately, but always have canned to fall back on. Simple, healthy, and delicious. What a grand decluttering project! I'd love to see photos, and maybe I can post on the blog. Send them to my gmail address at
    Thanks for commenting!

    Alea- Thanks for the recipe. The potato bar is a great idea. We love baked potatoes and they're so good with sauteed or roasted veggies. I like salad bar and burrito bar too.

    Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments!

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