First Fall Off the Wagon ’10

This little lamb jacket from speesees, one of my favorite children’s clothing companies, was impossible to resist. A good friend of ours is having a little girl after wanting a baby for a very long time, so my husband and I really wanted to give her and her husband a nice shower gift. And this company makes the absolute softest cotton clothing ever. I gave another friend two t-shirts when her little boy was born and she put them on him constantly because they were so soft.

The company is all organic, and everything is made in the U.S.A. To top it all off, this was on sale! How could I resist? I know clothing isn’t a very practical choice for a baby gift, because they grow out of things so quickly, but I’m hoping a size 1-2 will last over a year. And this is perfect as nearly year-round wear in Southern California, for whenever it gets a bit chilly.
We also bought a “used like new” copy of one of our favorite children’s books, A Story for Bear. And now I just need to figure out how I’ll wrap it up nicely without buying anything new. I don’t have any leftover “baby” wrapping paper or reusable bags. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

I don’t know if this exactly qualifies as a “fall off the wagon,” since I did decide I would buy a few more things new this year, like books or handmade items, especially if they’re for gifts. But it is the first time I’ve bought something new in 2010.

So I gave in to temptation, but I did it with my eyes wide open, and I’m so glad I did. I just know they’ll love it. Please leave your ideas for a creative way to wrap it in the Comments section.


  1. Kate Sommers says

    Adorable! How about buying a cotton receiving blanket from Target or
    someplace affordable and wrap the book in that with some raffia?
    This way they can re-use the wrapping.
    ~Aloha, Kt

  2. Rachel says

    So cute :) I like the blanket idea or if you can get some suitable material how about making a simple pouch to wrap your gift which would double as a pouch for storing a couple of diapers and some wipes – something that is always useful with a small baby.

  3. Alea says

    Oh, that is an adorable and well thought out gift. Buying a super soft, multisize jacket will ensure that it will get lots of use. And lots of memories will be created reading the book.

    Gift Wrapping ideas:
    You might find something appropriate in your birthday paper stash. Anything feminine will work.

    I made my own gift bags by covering the store writing on a paper bag with pictures I printed from the web.

    The best blanket I received when I lived in So. Cal. was a one yard square piece of seersucker fabric that my friend hemmed. It was perfect for keeping the sun off of my baby without overheating her. And she used it to wrap another baby gift.

    You could make a cloth bag, that can double as a book bag or extra diaper bag. Didn't you make some at Christmas?

  4. Colleen says

    You could wrap it fabric. I have tons of extra fabric that you could use. Or I could sew you up a little gift bag, like Alea recommended. It's really easy…. :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Adorable jacket! You can always use the funny papers to wrap presents, if you get a Sunday paper. Colorful, fun, and depending on the comic, appropriate.

  6. Anonymous says

    you could put the gifts in a wicker basket with a ribbon on the handle. These are fairly easy to find at goodwill.

  7. Anonymous says

    you could just roll the jacket and tie with ribbon… and tie the book with ribbon as well. or try craislist and freecycle for a reusable bag or wrapping paper.

  8. Alea says

    I was going to suggest a wicker basket, but someone already has. I like giving gifts in something the recipient can reuse. A basket is really convenient for storing baby items like diapers, lotions, burp cloths etc. I used a basket in each room to keep things close at hand.

    The other suggestion is a hat box or some other type of decorative box. I use these to hide toys throughout the house, so Rew has ready access to toys without my house looking like a day care center. :-)

    My last suggestion is the easiest: Swap with a friend. A fresh piece of CSA fruit would buy you unlimited access to my wrapping stash!

  9. Angela says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your terrific ideas! Now it's just a matter of picking one. I think I'll swing by the baby consignment store for a blanket, basket, box, or other container that could be used in various ways- OR- I might go shopping for fabric at my friend Colleen's… I love the idea of a blanket…

    Thanks again- I'm sure a lot of readers got some great wrapping ideas from this… So creative! How much better than paper that gets thrown away, no matter how pretty it looks!

  10. thesavedquarter says

    Seriously adorable! My son was in 1-2 year old clothes for over a year, and it's smart to get stuff that is a little bigger so the kid doesn't outgrow it before getting a chance to wear it!

    I would suggest a playsilk as the wrapper. They're pretty, soft, great for peek-a-boo, and make an open-ended toy when the baby is a little bigger.

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