Do you hug trees?

Treehugger has me featured as part of a story called “12 one-year personal stunts we can’t stop talking about.” Wow. Really? The segment is about The Compact, and it talks about this blog. Click here to read the entire article, which includes No Impact Man and some other interesting people. They used this image to represent The Compact.

I hardly think I should be considered the public face of the group, which has thousands of members, most of whom have been doing this a lot longer than I have, and probably a lot better! But I’m very flattered, because it’s a cool website and it’s great to get the word out there.

Also, the “stunt” part is a little embarrassing. I was so clueless about what was already out there when I started this blog that I’d never heard of No Impact Man or any “my year of” projects. And about a month into it, I realized the name of my blog wasn’t even really accurate, because of course I’m still spending money, just not on STUFF. But I didn’t want to change the name, for fear of losing the few readers I had at the time. The technical aspects of all of this are not really my forte. I don’t even know how to put an accent mark on that “e” back there. Ha.

The website is a fantastic resource for all things eco-friendly. Thanks treehugger! I’m honored to be featured.


  1. Betsy Talbot says

    I think a lot of times we lose perspective on something when we are in the middle of it. A lot of people are impressed/inspired/scared of what you did last year – and so publicly! – while to you it has just become a way of life. So take the compliment, Angela. You deserve it! :)

  2. Non Consumer Girl says

    Congratulations Angela!

    I'm sure that this will help to inspire others to consider their consumer habits and make small changes.

  3. Angela says

    Thanks so much, everyone! I've really been enjoying reading treehugger- there is so much great stuff out there these days… so encouraging, especially when you're feeling hopeless…

  4. danielle says

    This is a big deal. Congratulations. And I love the whole concept of the article–funny, creative stuff. I especially like the 365 day uniform. :)

  5. Angela says

    thanks Danielle- I know, I've seen that uniform/dress project before- so cool!

    Leasmom- No, it's not my pin, they used it! I know I've seen it before, but don't know it's relationship to the Compact. I'll have to look into that. That would be cool if you could buy that pin. I'll write about what I find out on the blog.

  6. Compact UK says


    I think people find it easy to call such challenges as "stunts" because until you have done it yourself, you don't realise how life changing it is. Stunt implies doing something to get attention, then go back to how you were before. I think it's pretty impossible to go back to how you were once you do challenges that really makes you think about what you are doing/buying.

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