Wine Finds: Cheers!

The following is a reprint of a previously published post, which I thought might be useful for your holiday and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Who says you can’t enjoy some nice bubbly, even on a budget? And by the way, the answer to the question in the post is “Big Shot” by Billy Joel. Thanks Michele!

Just in time for wedding and graduation season (not really, I’m a little late, but hopefully not too late for all your celebrations) is this tip for a sparkling wine. That’s champagne. So for any event that requires a toast, this is a great budget option.

This Prosecco Brut Zonin is bottled in Italy and sells at Trader Joe’s for just $5.99. It’s an unbelievable steal. I’m not a big fan of champagne, especially cheap champagne, and I like this one. A lot.

I used to think I just didn’t really care for champagne, until I had occasion to try a truly remarkable brand: Dom Perignon. Yes, the one you’ve heard about all these years. Wasn’t there something about sipping Dom Perignon in a 70s pop song? Anyway, our good friends very generously shared a bottle with us last New Year’s Eve, and it was a revelation. None of the cloying sweetness, just a fresh light deliciousness that evaporated right off of your tongue. For the first time in my life, I had a second glass. And at the same time I became a champagne fan, I knew I wouldn’t be drinking it very often, because now I REALLY wouldn’t be able to drink the cheap stuff.

You should rush right out and buy a bottle of this when I tell you that the same friends who shared the Dom with us, and who are wine connoisseurs and even make their own wine, are the same friends who discovered this Prosecco. Need I say more? This is a hot tip, folks. So get your bottle, or case, before Trader Joe’s runs out. Especially if you’ve got a celebration coming up.

Please leave your favorite wine tips, including champagne, in the Comments section. And tell me if you know what 70s song I’m talking about.


  1. Kate says


    70's pop song… I can't think of it. I'm more of a 80's gal. How about Hotel California: "Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice. And she said, "We are all just prisoners here of our own device."

    Now, I won't fear the $6 champagne, or at least not Prosecco. -Kate

  2. calimama @ compactbydesign says

    You're really hitting me where it hurts. My first pregnancy I don't remember thinking about NOT drinking more than once or twice. This time, it's more like once or twice a week!
    Must be the hard work of raising a kid, and writing a blog. (Of course I'm kidding, I love doing both. But I do crave a bubble bath and a glass of wine quite often.)
    A couple more weeks and I can lift the ban. At least in moderation.

    What I'm saying (in a very long-winded way), is that I think I'll grab a bottle of this fine Prosecco beverage for the days to come. Thanks for the tip!

  3. WilderMiss says

    I'm so with you on this. Proseco is my favorite. Fun and bubbly but with a lovely crisp taste.

    I think I've actually had this brad of proseco before, from TJoes right?

    While I love drinking my proseco straight it's also really fun poured over frozen and blended white peaches. That's the origional Bellini that's been served in Venice for 100s of years. For only $5.99 per bottle yous should try it!

    Also, have you ever tried a sparkling red wine? My dad got some for my university graduation (one of the university's colours is red) from a local vineyard and it was devine. Haven't really seen anything like it in stores. I think it was a sparkling Shiraz.

  4. Michele says

    OOOO! Oooo! I know this one! It is from Billy Joel's song "Big Shot":
    "…You went uptown riding in your limousine
    In your fine Park Avenue clothes
    You had the Dom Perignon in your hand
    And the spoon up your nose
    And when you wake up in the morning
    With your head on fire
    And your eyes too bloody to see
    Go on and cry in your coffee
    But don't come bitchin' to me…"

    Now that I have that out of my system, I just wanted to let you know I had stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and have spent the slower parts of my work days browsing through the last six months. Great Blog! You now have a new follower.
    My fav's? Giving experiences for gifts, learning about CSA's, limiting food waste, and the awesome Goodwill finds.
    I always shop at the local thrift shops, and usually come away with something nice. We have an Air Force base in our town, so people are coming and going from all over the world all the time so we get some awesome lables here that folks aren't used to seeing in other parts of my state (Montana).
    My birthday is coming up this month, and I am thinking of starting the compact then as a present to myself. It really won't be much of a change to my current lifestyle, but there will be enough tweeks to make it a lifestyle change.
    I'm not afraid to comment, so you will be seeing me around! Keep up the GREAT posts….

  5. Angela says

    Michele- Welcome! And thanks! I never would have thought of that, and now I don't have to! I'm glad you enjoy the blog and feel free to comment anytime.

    Wildermiss- I love peaches, so that sounds too good. And I'll try the sparkling shiraz as well, and put it up as a "wine find" – if I can find it! Thanks so much for the suggestions…

    Calimama- Not too much longer… Maybe in time for the next "wine finds."

    Kate- Ha! It's pop song day- I definitely remember everything from The Eagles during the 70s and 80s- if you're from southern california, you either love them or you hate them. Of course I'm ambivalent. Pretty hard not to love "Take it easy," but then that was written by Jackson Browne.

  6. Angela says

    Also- Michele- please let me know if you do the Compact. I'll be so interested in what you find out. For me it's been so much easier than I could have imagined. At the same time, it's changing my life more than I ever would have dreamed.

  7. Julie says

    I have also had this prosecco and of course bought it at Trader Joe's. I first had prosecco in a tiny village in the Dolomites (amazing jagged mountains) in Italy in 1999. I used to work in the travel business and could sometimes go on trips where hotel owners etc. would wine and dine us to get our business. We were at a small hotel and the owner brought out a bottle of prosecco and poured a glass for everyone. Oh, it was heavenly. When I saw this at Trader Joe's, I freaked out because I never go to wine stores or anything and didn't know it was available here. I need to start drinking more :-)

  8. Angela says

    Julie- Thanks for commenting. Your experience with Prosecco sounds amazing- thanks for sharing it. One of the moments in life you will never forget! And every time you take a sip of Prosecco, it will come back to you!

  9. sraikh says

    Ohh I just bought a sparkling almond flavoured wine for TJs.. Its the best. I will have to get this the next time I am there

  10. kim says

    Hi! I am a new reader. Love your blog! My newest fave wine find id Redwood Creek. At my grocer it's $10.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle. It's tasty!

    But an added perk is each cork as latitude and longitude co-ordinates on it. If you log onto their website, register and key in the co-ordinates (corkinates! as they like to say) you can earn points toward really cool (I think) vintage looking posters!

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